After The Floods- 2/x

The time that I started reading the book, one thing after the other comes up. Only after a chella reminder from the mentor did I slow myself down a bit and resume the reading.

All the disclaimers claimed in the previous instalment applies here also, just the way it applies to the entire blogpage. People who have serious nerve issues, please excuse. Blogpagesaresubjecttoinherentriskstoo.

Anyway, lets dive straight into the water now.


With some stamp of Julius Caesar hidden in it, this story (My own Backyard was used to stab me from behind) made me overthink. Ask me why? Thanks to all those suspense thriller reads with which I breathed. The story ends with me giving a *pokerface* ( A rather sharp one at that, Mind You!).

So much for suspense and imagination.

Verdict- Why ya? Why???

Alliance: Agreement: Bond

Now, this might sound like a super advanced, financial crisis wala story, which had its origins in the bowels of the Sub-prime Mortgage crisis that crippled the US economy in 2007-08. But, it is not.

Another Story of Love and Hope. I liked the way it was written and also the flow of the story. I do feel bad that there wasn’t enough doom in it. Afterall, for a tamilian, raging floods, a cruel mamiyar, a saadhu mamanar aren’t enough na?

Verdict- Tastes best when served with visuals and a strong Tamil mega serial background.

Chennai 600013

People do love a “happily ever after” story, right? Well, this is one such story, with lovely cliches sprinkled on the top. This is the peril of watching too many movies, I say. We tend to write things that are too good to be true. Gone are the days where we spoke about one song to go from Rags to riches. This is an inverse of it. Don’t tell me that he won her which in itself is more valuable. Please don’t.

Anyway,this is a light read when one needs a nicey replacement for a movie.

Verdict- A verbal movie experience. 



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