After The Floods- 3/x


I don’t really get the connection between human beings turning into a new leaf and disaster/misery. Why do people make it seem so? There is no such conclusive proof that every misery brings out the best shade of the most beautiful color in one’s self. To be honest, it is really sad to think that we see sense only when the worst happens to us. Another clichéd story of a “Lost and Found” love, which, this time, has come back out of fear. I am pretty sure that anybody would be proud to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend who has been in that post, out of terror and fright. That is the most revolting statement related to “love” and its allied concepts I have ever come across in recent times, apart from these abundant soft porn stuff that has been masquerading as erotica and romance stories.

Verdict– Spare the Love yaar! Bleeeees.


The title seems like an escaped lingo from the DotCom glitch that the world was going through in the late 90s. This piece is a piece from some lengthy story that had a deep karuthu to blurt out but then was rationed in order to save paper. This is as disconnected as the title claims and does extreme justice to the name. I still am searching for the remaining part of the story so that I can write the remaining part of the review.

Verdict– Develop the hints and consequently the entire story and then a Novel.

Folklore of Furious Floods

With an apparent effort to bring in that famed “punch” to the title, this one is yet another graphic description of the disaster that struck. Though the story is extremely similar to the other stories “reviewed” above, those lines describing the evolution of Madras from a coy maiden to a sorted woman, somewhere in the middle of the story, is beautiful. That stands apart in its own shade of lovely purple, in the otherwise black and white tale.

Verdict– Search for those purple shaded lines and be happy about it. Beautifully written, those.

I Gush On


That is the exact reaction that I gave after reading the piece thrice. Ofcourse, I knew what she was talking about, early on, but I really think this was totally unnecessary. There were a lot other things that were rationed during the floods, and there could have been an honorary mention about them as well. But noooooo. Bringing in variety would reduce the awesome factor of boredom that one gets by reading this story. What was the need to do this to people? Speechless and hence I cut short the other sentences that I have in mind. I have them in emotions, by the way, and not in words, for I am lost for them.

Verdict– I better not do this.

Lucky Who

Hilarious one, when compared to the other entries. I thanked God for all the mercies bestowed on this beautiful world after reading this. Humour is very essential in life and also in a book, especially if it is a collection of works from different people. I adored the Fred-George-ish combo of the guys and the crisp narration. Knowing where to stop is an art which the author has mastered in here. Thank you! A million more times.

Verdict– That Mittai rose shirt guy in an otherwise grey donned group! That ray of sunshine on a gloomy and dull week.


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