My Dear Madras

My beloved Madras, Happy birthday! Turning 377 is no mean feat and turning so to be younger, vibrant and busy year on year is definitely something to be proud of. Obviously we can only think and dream of the energy that you achieve every year. Born as Chennai in 1639, you have come a long... Continue Reading →


After The Floods- 4/x

Paru A story that took me back to my school days.(Of course, there are a few people out there who still doubt if I am past iskool, as they would like to call it). A story that took me back to those stories that beat the dead snake of Hope and Struggle. The narration is... Continue Reading →

If only silence could speak

They had hit it off right away, right there. Their mutual love for music, filter coffee and subtle romance, sprinkled with right amounts of practicality and life lessons, they were one of a kind. Amidst awesome chemistry that was apparent to the crowd and to themselves, there was nothing going on between them. They found... Continue Reading →

Omnomnom in the neighbourhood

The OMR is one of the "happening" places in Chennai. Apart from being hustley and bustley during the weekdays, courtesy, the numerous organisations that have set their centres here, in those giant glass buildings, this place is equally vibrant even in the weekends. I must confess that I haven't really been out in this area... Continue Reading →

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