If only silence could speak

They had hit it off right away, right there. Their mutual love for music, filter coffee and subtle romance, sprinkled with right amounts of practicality and life lessons, they were one of a kind. Amidst awesome chemistry that was apparent to the crowd and to themselves, there was nothing going on between them.

They found it strange that despite being so comfortable around each other, which had crossed the acceptable threshold of friendship, they had nothing more to offer to it. He “wanted” her so badly and so did she. That kiss that they had in the shy amber lights of the room hadn’t left them. The love bite that she had got from him still felt fresh.

Was it the love for each other, present in excess of what was necessary? Or was it the lust they had for each other that had made them live this life? They didn’t know. They didn’t want to know either. They were more engrossed in living the moment than contemplating a future.

Deep down, they had immense respect towards each other. Be it career choices, families, siblings, friendships, they respected the other’s choices wholeheartedly and embraced it like a long lost friend who bumped onto them unexpectedly. They found it difficult to explain the relationship they were in. They found it unnecessary too.

Months flew by, and they ended up in opposite corners of the world, married to somebody else and living happily, their lovely pasts lying buried in the mysterious corners of their hearts.

As fate would have it, they ended up alone. Giving one’s spouse away to the cruel hands of death had not been easy for either of them. Despite fighting all odds with a brave face, both ended up in the same country, where it had all started.

A lazy check in at the bookstore had brought in lots of memories to her. Those titles that she had badly wanted was all there, in front of her eyes, beckoning her to spend a fortune on, she kept moving along the shelves. The fire of memories that were mere memories till then, began to kindle itself again. Those sweet-nothings, that love, that respect everything made her smile and walk, in a glassy demeanour.

Finding nothing exciting, she picked up an Archie comic book and strode to the counter to check out and be done with it. She had got something now to spend some time on, apart from the book she was about to pay for. Done with the billing, she walked out, onto the drizzly street.

She walked on, step by step, relishing the feel of the cold droplets of rain touching her skin. Still with her enigmatic smile on, she saw that long forgotten silhouette, walking towards her, with an umbrella. Her heart thumped, in a manner that was too familiar. He saw her and stopped in his track. He couldn’t believe his fate. Was destiny giving him a second chance? He had to decide at that moment.

They had always been messy with words. Even though he was stumped by her eloquent wordplay and she by his casual yet appealing flirting, they had not tested the power of words in serious situations. May be that’s why they had missed that earlier chance. He didn’t want to gamble. Not at that moment. Never.

He just went up to her and held the umbrella over them, stopping the raindrops from touching and caressing her smooth skin. That was his message to the skies. She was His and He, hers.

Moving forward in perfectly synchronised steps, their silence confessed everything that they had bottled up for years. It was beautiful again.


Image- Pinterest.

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