After The Floods- 4/x


A story that took me back to my school days.(Of course, there are a few people out there who still doubt if I am past iskool, as they would like to call it). A story that took me back to those stories that beat the dead snake of Hope and Struggle. The narration is good and reminded me of those Non-detail stuff that I was given to read when I was at school. Describing the fury of the floods in graphic detail, there is a little too much “un” prefixed words out there. Just Beware!

Verdict– Back to iskool with floods, if I may say.

Rains, Dairy Milk Chocolates and Us

A loooooooooong story that again imprisons “love” in its words. When I spotted the word “lingerie” I had hoped for a nice read, but then the lingerie was ripped off the story with all force that one could use. Okay, I digress.

A relevant concept for the new gen couples, the story is long that couples would risk missing their “we” time if sat to read this post 10 PM. Again, Beware!

Verdict– take a day off to read and relish! And oh! please ask your spouse to stay back too.


A crisp tale revolving around terrorism, I was relieved to see a change. Then by the time I reached the last line, I had forgotten that change that I had loved. I would have loved this one if it had somehow held on to that freshness. The name of the protagonist, “Suraksha” seemed so fake, by the way.

It would have been great if Hari had known that December 6th is the Babri Masjid sambavam and not the Bombay Blasts. Just saying, you know.

Verdict– varalaaru miga mukyam, Amaicharey!

The Gangs of Namma Chennai

Strangers turn family, thanks to a disaster and an NGO. Oscillating between two periods of time, this story is a little long. I could hear all the NGOs in the world cry out loud begging to spare them through the rest of the collection. The narration is a plus, but for that, it is the same wet batter, ground to death a millionth time.

Verdict– The title could have been much better.

The High Rise

This one, in deep contrast to its neighboring stories, is crisper than the paper roast served at Sangeetha. I would have loved it if it was a little “story-ish” than “paragraph-ish”. Oh may be the author took the “Save paper, Save trees” campaign to heart.

Verdict-Konjam dhaaraalama ezhudhalamey!

The Rain Maker

The technical jargon and outlandish concepts detailed in it gave an idea of the person behind the pen. Quite different outline, deviating pleasurably from the usually served stale food. Started off well, only to end a little dry. Again, One must not give hopes to smash it to smithereens. Sigh!

Verdict– Could have been Something. But Nope.

The Two Old Men

Personal favorite in the collection, this one was good. Refreshing yet endearing, it was relatable and may be that made it more endearing. Although the setting of the story is a little far fetched in actual terms, it is nice to dream I suppose.

Verdict– Summava Admin nu solranga. A job done well.

Vanilla Cappuccino

Ah! The pangs of Love, yet again. ‘Nuff said.

Verdict– The end was like- “Soooo Naaaaa Paaaaa Naaaaa, vidra vidra yaarum paakala”.

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