Kalyanam Chronicles

Indian matrimonial scene has always been a field for laughs and amusement. The day you celebrate your 21st birthday, you are doomed. All of a sudden all the 1658753 people around you will take sudden interest in your life. They will be eager to know when you are getting married. If you think their concern... Continue Reading →


The Liberation

It was a normal day at work but for a few surprising phone calls that shook her insides. I miss you  His voice kept resonating in her mind. She was thinking as why he had called her after a while and after all this time. She had given him plenty of chances and even had... Continue Reading →

The Seven Commandments of Snooze

Most of us know that one thing we do every morning. It is an essential chore which makes us feel better that instant and yet feel equally, if not more, guilty later in the day. This has been the greatest invention of technology since the Telephone. An essential add on to the alarm application in... Continue Reading →

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