The Liberation

It was a normal day at work but for a few surprising phone calls that shook her insides.

I miss you 

His voice kept resonating in her mind. She was thinking as why he had called her after a while and after all this time. She had given him plenty of chances and even had told him that she loved him. He was not ready to listen to her then.

The past two months had been tough for her. Crying her throat out when he was dancing away in his own wedding was not a lovely sight. She did not want to remember those scenes.

She reached the parking lot of her building and started her vehicle to ride back home, while all of these reverberating in her.

I still love you

This sentence gave her the chills. This was one line that she had wanted from him forever. She had been disappointed time and again by him that she had to move on. She put an end to these distressing thoughts and plugged in her earphones and started her ride. “I have to call Amma after I reach home”, she thought, whizzing her way between scores of commuters on the road.

Kaisee teri khudgarzee
Na dhoop chune na chhaanv
Kaisee teri khudgarzee
Kisi thaur tike na paanv” 

sang the voice from the earphones. She smiled to herself thinking of the way she had come. His thoughts, his images, his impressions, everything ran in her mind that day. Her smile got better, this time with drops of tears to accompany it. She was thankful that she was on the road, with her face covered with the duppatta. She was a free soul, she knew that too well.

Re Kabeera maan jaa
Re Fakeera maan jaa
Aa jaa tujh ko pukaaray teri parchhaaiyaan
Re Kabira maan jaa
Re Fakeera maan jaa
Kaisa tu hai nirmohee kaisaa harjaaiyaa

The people in the sidewalk rushed towards her. One man collected her scattered belongings while a woman tried to make her face the sky. Many others picked out their phones to dial the ambulance. The policeman reached the spot soon and started regulating the traffic  to avoid snarls.

A gentleman from the crowd searched for her mobile to dial to her parents. He found it tucked somewhere inside her bag, connected to a pair of earphones.

Her body was still hot and her face was still wet with tears. She had left the world, forlorn, with him as her final thoughts, just as she had wished for.

3 thoughts on “The Liberation

  1. ‘ She was thinking as to why he had called her after a while and after all this time ‘. Good writing in general. Lesser use of pronouns will have more engagement with the reader. The ending seems to fall off from a cliff without enough narrative. Though dramatic, more elucudation on the theme would have made the plot sound more mature.
    All the best!!. I do have another question unrelated to your writing, which you may choose to ignore. In some places your name is Megha Sreeram and some other place it is Megha Kaveri. I am curious to know about the difference 🙂

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