Eternally Yours

Any relationship has it own ups and downs. Given the current exposure of the world to us, we have coined several terms for the different phases a relationship goes through. Marriage is not the end of a relationship. In fact, it is the beginning of a whole new game play. The promise and commitment to... Continue Reading →


An Instance of the Indian Hypocrisy

Indian media mindset has a weird way of bringing things to the notice of the large populace. You might say that it is the sole purpose of the media, but then there is way. For example, not too long ago we had a similar situation when one snapchat of a particular comedian went viral AFTER... Continue Reading →

Padayappa and The Women

"En vazhi, thani vazhi" How much have we clapped and swooned for this line? Uttered in repetition by our own Thalaiva, Padayappa is a movie that we would watch time and again, to just enjoy. My earliest memory of this movie is going to the theatre with Appa and Amma and watching the movie unfold... Continue Reading →

I Quit!

"I Quit" Not many of us would have had the experience of telling these precise words. Quitting and quitters have always been looked down upon with contempt and condescension. The society has always considered quitting as a taboo. "Giving up" is important. Giving up at the right time, for the right cause is even more... Continue Reading →

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