I Quit!


“I Quit”

Not many of us would have had the experience of telling these precise words. Quitting and quitters have always been looked down upon with contempt and condescension. The society has always considered quitting as a taboo.

“Giving up” is important. Giving up at the right time, for the right cause is even more important. Relationships, career, causes etc have time and agian made us think and re-think our strategy about living and dying.

Quitting isn’t that bad, you know? Let me give you an example.

Say you are stuck at a point in your life when nothing makes sense to you. Your efforts and dedication go to drains, and that frustrates you to the core. In short, you are reduced to a walking talking corpse of sorts. Now, remember that the thing that you are working for have all the possibilities of ending up either ways. That is, it has equal probability of succeeding and also of flunking.

This is a trying situation where you are sure that you cannot pitch in with more because the extra effort is going to be very less when compared with the time it takes and the resources it consumes. What would you do? I would say, sit back and look at the broader picture. Do not go by the metrics. Listen to your heart, for once in your lifetime. (Thank me later, of course)

Quit, when the time is right and ripe. The world would still go on even if you choose to be something else, you know? Life will definitely go on. So just take a moment out of your self obsessed nature and give your thoughts some rest.

Relationships and activism are equally taxing and if you are stuck at the wrong places, life is going to be hell. The world has overrated people who keep trying. I do not, for once, say that they are losers or that it is foolish to try. When things are taking too long and when the efforts are just not giving you the results that you had hoped for, please read the signs and take an informed decision. It is never too late to quit and start afresh.

Letting go of things is hard. It is an art that comes with practise. At some point during our existence, we need to realise that we cannot have everything that we wish for. We would end up losing – men, material and money. It is during such times that we learn. We learn to prioritise and choose what we want and what we need. That is how we grow up.

We have an obligation to keep ourselves safe- physically and emotionally. Cater to that requirement of life. If something stops giving you satisfaction, you know what to do.

Quit, when you feel this is leading you nowhere. The moment you begin to feel saturated, quit! Do not turn back. Start running away from things that bring you down. Trust me, you will go places.


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