An Instance of the Indian Hypocrisy

Indian media mindset has a weird way of bringing things to the notice of the large populace. You might say that it is the sole purpose of the media, but then there is way. For example, not too long ago we had a similar situation when one snapchat of a particular comedian went viral AFTER it had been blown out of proportion by our news channels. It is long overdue for the next one I say. I present to you, the great outrage of last night-  A Bill Board of Jack and Jones.


Disclaimer- J & J have taken down this ad and apologized about this. This image has been taken only for representation.

It was a sight to behold last night in one of the popular channels. Apparently Ranveer Singh has come out with an apology for doing the ad. What made me wonder was that why wasn’t anyone bothered about asking for an apology from the woman in the ad? Wasn’t she also a part of the pic? Doesn’t she also have a role in  safeguarding the dignity of women (Which was claimed to be tainted by this particular sexist ad) and so on and so forth.

Now personally I do not subscribe to the idea of fixing the responsibility of a deed to just one party when there are more parties to it, clearly. The people in the panel had the nerve to demand the ad agency, the brand and Ranveer to tender an apology but nobody spoke about the lady in the picture. Now isn’t that sexism?

In country of 1.2 billion and counting population it is highly impossible to do a work of art satisfying all of them. invariably somebody or the other gets offended and people lose their sanity over it. It is rather difficult to draw boundaries to art and creativity, which might actually end up restricting it and serving no purpose at the end.

Indian hypocrisy is quite famous and notorious for these. We conveniently forget that we always have the option to not see the things that would offend us or cause us injury. We just choose to not use that option and end up outraging for all the wrong reasons. Where are we going as a country?

Responsibility is something to be shared. Every one of us have equal share in treating and portraying people in the right manner. We must realise that there is no need to outrage on unnecessary and insignificant things. It isn’t going to serve any purpose, whatsoever.

Hypocrisy must end, once and for all or else India will be named as the Hypocrite Capital of the World.


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