Open Letter to the Jon Snows

What a fortnight it has been. From clocking enviable hours at work, to being subject to the verbose torture of unidentifiable “Jon Snows” in the name of writing, I have seen them all. I must acknowledge, I am not really happy with it.

This post is basically a rant. A rant in which I am going to type down my angst at being a witness for the downfall of something which was once precious for me.



Most of you might know the feeling of seeing your most prized possession being thrown away from your cupboard, just because there wasn’t enough space to accommodate the newcomers. That pain and that misery is at times unbearable that we might have had to take a break from our work to actually get over it. This feels similar, if not same. 

What was once a place where I went to binge read something interesting, has become a pile of garbage. Yeah, that’s right. Utter rubbish. The place where I had gotten answers and sometimes new ideas long back, gives me nothing these days. If at all,it gives me anger and makes me seethe in rage. People who actually had stuff inside them are nowhere to be seen. People who had the “talent” to spin stories and do the job of script-writing are living a glorious life. In short, true knowledge has no takers. Period. 

Another problem that I witnessed in this process of downfall was the presence of “cartels”. For  the uninitiated, cartels means a group of individuals, who form a close knit social circle, to indulge in incessant backscratching and promotion of mediocre content. This is a very serious issue when compared to the former canker, because this promotes mediocre content and provides the creator of such content with undeserving fame and leaves the unsuspecting readers with headache and nausea.

Now as a person who has seen that baby from its early childhood to now (which might as well be perceived as adolescence), I must say that the child had a lot of potential. Only that it got trapped in the ominous web of idiocy and is slowly losing hope and succumbing to it.

I have a few pointers though, for you all. Please do not promote mediocre content. Writing is an art and there is a place for everything. And Oh! You know something? Nobody cares about how many breakups you have had or what struck your pea-brain this morning when you were having chai at the corner shop. If you say that your content helps in genuinely helping people out of their problems, then I might have to take the liberty of breaking your bubble, it doesn’t. If anything, it aggravates it. It gives them a friggin complex that you are better than them and they would want to try out what you say, all this while being blissfully oblivious of the entire scenario of what-is-whats.  If you think talking to a Just Dial executive for an hour and still not falling in love with her is a reasonable answer to the question “A girl talks to me for almost an hour everyday on the phone. Is she in love with me?” , then I have nothing to say to you. This expression of becoming speechless is not to show my appreciation at your effort at making a genuine attempt to answer the question sincerely, but it is solely at your stupidity to have made a comparison to both the scenarios. Kudos for that!

Personally, I had doubts when people told me that silence is golden.Now I get it though. To be silent is much better than to open your mouth and create hindrance. Thanks for reiterating that to me though.

From all those people who had once loved that bubbly chattery baby, I so wish you stop ruining my child. The baby was better off without you. 

And oh! Please for God’s sake stop calling yourself a Harry Potter or a Jon  Snow. It isn’t cool. For all that you know, you are ruining the childhood memories of millions out there. So please do us all a favour and stop.

– From a contributor who is sick of you all.


This is the collective feeling of people who once enjoyed something and is now missing the awesomeness of it because of the irrelevant and useless stuff that is being added to it. It gives all of us great solace that the people behind this are being slowly removed, but still the danger looms, like a dagger over the head. I personally thank the people behind this Swacch Bharat act and would love to share my list with them, so that they can get working on it 😛 

Image credits- Google Ji _/\_

6 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Jon Snows

  1. Ah! I am one of those cowards who abandoned the baby because it got sillier by the day. So I totally feel you there… 😂Wordpress until then!
    Kind of like returning awards to protest against intolerance, well, that’s exactly what is happening.

  2. As usual, unusual! Fantastic… The way you handled words, without compromising content is very admirable… That strong sting in each word, that sharp flick of a whip at the end of each sentence… Great…

    But, I doubt your writing will reach those to whom it was intended for, after all, they are not for reading good stuff… Even if they do, they’ll not change…

    Yet, it soothes some pain… Yes, it does! Thanks!

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