My World Revolves Around You!

*HE WROTE TO ME FIRST, WHICH CAN BE READ RIGHT HERE!!* Dear Sun, It is really nice to see you write to me, after all these years. It stills feels the same, you know? In spite of we successfully making it to almost five billion years. People say we have a few more billions to clock.... Continue Reading →


Let’s Go Frsh!

How difficult is it to get quality, fresh and piping hot food and affordable prices while on the move? Tough to imagine isn't it? No worries. We have Frshly to make things possible for us. Nested away beyond the city limits of Chennai, Frshly is a venture which is known for its unique concept of... Continue Reading →

Mummy Returns! Or does she?

Yesterday ( February 5th, 2017) will go down in the annals of Tamilnadu's Political history. A lady with absolutely no experience of even competing in any election was unanimously handed over the reins of ruling a state. It has been decided in the Ruling Party's MLA meeting that she would be the next Chief Minister of... Continue Reading →

Oh the Patriarchy! Bless my soul.

Today I happened to read an answer by a very popular guy on Quora. The question was this- "If separating a man from his parents is cruelty, what about when married women have to leave their parents after marriage? " The answer begins like this - "That’s the way Indian society is set up. Married... Continue Reading →

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