Healthcare at Apollo

Quality health care is one of the biggest concerns that is plaguing India right now. For the level of population our country is at right now, the number of hospitals and doctors is dangerously low. Chennai, a city known for its medical tourism and organ transplants, has a lot of hospitals that provide quality healthcare to people in need of it.

Apollo Hospitals is one such chain of hospitals , which assures quality health care in the city. The winner of the best hospital (in the country) award  for about 14 years continuously, Apollo boasts of world class facilities for the patients who come to them for treatment.


Speaking to us about the objective of the organisation, Mr.Subbiah, the COO of Apollo Hospitals group, says, “Health care inclusion is one of the major objectives that we, as the best healthcare provider of the country, have. We have a programme called “Priceless Lives Expedition” where we have set out to enroll the people in and around our hospital into our healthcare program, so that they could approach us in case of any and every health emergency they fall into.”

Apollo Hospitals specialises in Tertiary care which, in laymans language, means treating diseases that have reached an extreme point of severity.

As a visitor,I was offered to be shown around the hospital and honestly I was amazed at the facilities that they had with them. The Emergency Room, The MRI centre, The blood bank, The physiotherapy centre and the ambulance were all well equipped and had systematic procedures in place to ensure quality in treatment.  Their ambulances always come with an in-house trained paramedic who is qualified to provide life-support at times of grave danger.

The Physiotherapy lab impressed me the most. They had the most sophisticated instruments and a well equipped rehab centre to bring back the patients to normalcy. “Getting cured from an infection is one thing, but restoring the patients in a position to resume their normal lives is totally another thing, which is what we aim to achieve”, says the Head of the Physiotherapy Department.

On a face to face with the COO, again, after the tour, I had an opportunity to ask him about the affordability of the services that they provided. He responded by saying they have competitive charges which assure the quality and the wellness that the patients require. He also stressed on two things- The importance of getting a second opinion on the probable cure method and the importance of getting a health insurance.

“When a treatment is being recommended to a patient, we would welcome suggestions from the patient on alternative procedures and if possible a second opinion on the diagnosis. We want the patient to talk to us and be open to us about multiple possibilities in the field, which we would consider, if it was not known to us before that”

The COO also added that having a medical insurance has its own benefits and it is always advisable to enroll oneself and ones family with an Insurance service provider from early on, so that the premium will be less and the out of pocket expenses would not end up in giving a shock to the patient.

“Apollo is one place that leverages technology to the maximum extent. We have provided expert guidance to patients in places as far as Himachal Pradesh, in times of emergency with the help of telecommunication and have achieved success in such operations”, prides the COO.

Apollo also has pharmacies spread across the country to cater to the growing need of medicines.With tie-ups with the best in the fields across the world and the best of doctors to complement the facilities, Apollo has come a long way since the day it was founded. It also has a very long way to go.

Let us hope that hospitals of such repute do more for the betterment of the country by promoting affordable and assured healthcare across all the sections of the society.


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