This post has been written by a good friend Kishor.  He is a story teller and a very talented person who has an inclination towards comedy and movies.  His posts can be read at Blind Man's Bluff and you can check his videos out at "Moving Images" on YouTube.  Sowcarpettai – First thing that comes to mind... Continue Reading →



This post is about the one and only thalaivar (leader) for the film crazy population down south, Rajnikanth.   Born as Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, thalaivar hails from humble backgrounds.  His rags-to-riches story is very similar to many of his onscreen avatars.  He brought in a distinct style into the Tamil filmdom, which till date is... Continue Reading →

Quarter Bottle

Good news or bad news, the one thing that remains a constant in the variable equation that is life, is the Quarter Bottle, a.k.a alcohol.   Tamilnadu has its alcohol market regulated in a weird way.  The liquor in the state is supplied by TASMAC, which is a state owned enterprise.  The bars and retail... Continue Reading →

Pondy Bazaar

Any festival in Chennai is incomplete without a trip to the shopping haven that is Pondy Bazaar.   Originally called 'Soundarapandiyanaar Angaadi', this got anglicised like many other things in Chennai.  Pondy bazaar is the place where you can go with a thousand rupees and still rake in the moolah for that money.   The... Continue Reading →

Oh Emm Aar!! 

That's how OMR is pronounced.   OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road) or the Rajiv Gandhi Salai, is one of the most happening places in Chennai.   Also perceived to be a youngsters haven, this road stretches from the MadhyaKailash junction to Mahabalipuram.  This was an arterial Road that once connected the small town of Mahabalipuram to... Continue Reading →

Nirbhaya and Nightlife

Well, One of the most remarkable feature of Chennai as a city is that it is safer than many other metro cities.   With decent connectivity and helpful people, it is easy to survive in Chennai. When incidents of harassment and rapes were haunting the country's capital, Chennai stood strong with its record of claiming... Continue Reading →

Half-Way Mark- Update

It has been quite an experience blogging my way through the A to Z Challenge Thinking about topics, checking if the topic would be fine to be written about, the reception among the readers, the new friends, reading my fellow bloggers' posts etc have been amazing so far. It is making me a better person and... Continue Reading →


Madras or Chennai, is incomplete without the famed "Margazhi" festival. Margazhi is a tamil month which falls roughly between the 15th of December and 14th of January. This month is famous for Fine arts, in Chennai. Numerous sabhas organise concerts and programmes classical dance and music. It is a month filled with music and dance all... Continue Reading →

Light House

L is for Life and Love, which is abundant in Chennai. Next in list comes the Light house. Located in the end of the Promenade on the Marina beach, this Light house is an icon in the city's landscape. It is one of those lighthouses that are well within the city limits. This lighthouse has... Continue Reading →

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