Now, before I start, let me apologise to all puritans who say vegetable biryani isn’t biryani at all.  It certainly is,  for pulao has totally different ingredients and method of cooking.  So deal with this, fellas.  

Biryani is a dish, created and patented in the Heaven, where Gods supervised each and every particle of air around the pot in which biryani was made for the first time.   The mere mention of biryani warrants a plethora of emotions and also a word against biryani will guarantee the sound of the death knell for the person who says that.  Such is the power of this dish.  

Having its roots from the kitchens of Muslims, we have truly embraced it as one of our own.  In fact, during Eid and Ramzan, we wish our friends with the sole purpose of getting a share in the biryani made at their houses.  

Biryani, the name as such stems from the word ‘birinj’, which means ‘rice’ in Persian.  Although in Chennai birinj is more like a vegetarian cousin of the tempting and royale biryani. 

Biryani is known for its strong spices and flavours and also for being cooked in layers, which is not the case for pulao. 

Chicken, mutton, prawn etc can be used as one of the main ingredients to prepare biryani.  

Also apart from the ingredients, biryani also has distinct flavors based on the place where it hails from.  Thalassery, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Dindigul biryanis have their own identity and are not inferior to each other.  

Also, while visiting Bangalore, I had the fortune to taste something called Bamboo biryani which was good.  I would suggest you guys to try that out too. 

Bamboo biryani in Bangalore

Do you have any story to share with me that involves biryani?? Please do so in the comments.  

This post is a part of the A to Z challenge 2017

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