‘Central’ in Chennai would mean only one thing.  


This is Chennai Central railway station, which is one of the major terminus in South India.  Commonly called the Gateway to the South, this station is rich in history as much picturesque it looks.  
Chennai central is a thing of interest for many filmmakers.  Most movies set in other parts of the world, would have a frame with this building, to imply that the storyline is moving to the city.  Why go that far, we have had a full blown movie shot with this building as a major setting  (Madrasapattinam). 

Everytime I catch a glimpse of this building, I have a rush of emotions.  How many people would have pledged their lives and families somewhere and come to this city, in search of employment? How many people would have had their dreams made here? How many ‘Rags to Riches’ stories would have taken place with this building in the backdrop? What about people bidding teary farewells and those waiting with anticipation to welcome their loved ones??  It amazes me.  

You know, many buildings hold a lot of stories in them.  Happiness, tragedy, despair, ecstasy, it would seem them all. It still stands the test of time.  I just wonder if relationships are like that anymore.  

Chennai central is one place, which is bustling with activities round the clock. People come and go, the building will stand rock solid as ever.  

Have you felt this way with any building?? Have you felt a weird feeling when you see or read articles related to that? Share with me in the comments.  

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge.  


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