Dabba Chetty Kadai 

D for Dabba Chetty Kadai.  

Kadai in Tamil means shop.  

This shop is a relic in the history of Chennai.  Located on the Kacheri Road, Mylapore, this shop has been around for more than a hundred years.  It has catered to the ever-growing needs of home medicine and herbal extracts ( commonly used ones) of the people around.  

I had been to this shop quite a few times looking for good quality neem oil and some bathing powders.  I got what I had wanted at a very reasonable price.  

This shop is known for its ‘Deepavali legiyam’, which is a gruel made to aid digestion due to all the sweets and savouries overdose during the festival of Diwali.  

Dabba Chetty Kadai is a landmark in this area.  Although quite invisible among the crowds that throng Mylapore everyday, this shop has maintained its position of authority when it comes to home medicines.  

The picture is an old one, and this shop has gotten a makeover.  A brand new name board in the brightest of pink! I couldn’t really take a picture and I swear I will get one as soon as possible.  

Do you know any secret recipes that your grandma might have had?? Any magic cure for ailments? Share it with me in the comments na please?? 

This post is a part of the A to Z challenge 


3 thoughts on “Dabba Chetty Kadai 

  1. It’s indeed a boon how the tradition is kept up in these stores. These DCK have expanded into big business all over the world, entering the commercial ramp-walk. But the genuineness and price of the commodity? I am not even going to compare. Having said that, this is a great book keeper of these edifices, on which much of ancient science and medicine is preserved and passed on. Good read! 🙂

  2. Good to recall this heritage shop. some of the preserved home remedies are ‘Karpuram and cocunut oil mix for stomach pains, ‘dry ginger warm water for cold, pepper and turmeric powder in hot milk for cold and cough and such other simple things. Having mustard seeds for stomach pain also is a tried remedy…having cumin seeds for digestion and so on…we should try many more

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