Egmore Museum 

I was not really a digger for museums. Given the fact that I was bored with Gandhi museum when I was a child, there wasn’t much of a scope for liking museums.  The only respite that I had got was the trips to Trivandrum and Chennai when I was a child.  The main reason was the space museums and the Planetariums in these cities that I loved to visit.  

I had heard that Chennai is blessed with quite a few museums that dates back to the 19th century.  One such is the Egmore Government Museum, on Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai. 

This place is more than a hundred years old and is one of the oldest museums in our country.  I think this is the second museum to be commissioned in India, only next to the museum in Kolkata (Calcutta). 

The museum complex in Egmore is huge and houses a Museum theatre, which is magnificent,  a children’s theatre, the main muse building, the Connemara public library and a few other buildings.  

The museum theatre is still used by the masses for stage plays and other events like workshops and shows. The seating arrangement of the theatre reminded me of the ancient courtroom arrangements,with seats laid out in semi circles.  It strangely reminded me of the Shakespearean plays ‘The merchant of Venice’  and ‘Macbeth’. I think this is one of those weird connections our heart makes. I do hope I get to watch at least one of these plays in this theatre someday.  

The Connemara library is one among the largest libraries in the world.  This is one of the depository libraries in India, which means it gets a copy of all the publications that come out in our country.  Before Anna centenary library came into picture, Connemara was telling go to place for the civil services aspirants across the city.  This library also boasts of an enviable collection of manuscripts.  

If at all you visit chennai, take a look at this place and also make sure to enquire about the Railway museum which is close by.  I am sure that one would be interesting too. 

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4 thoughts on “Egmore Museum 

  1. I shall forever be saddened by the fact that in my four and half years of stay in Chennai, I saw this museum only from outside. There are so many places that I wish I had been to had I been in Chennai now! Sigh! Next time, may be!

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