Fort and FDFS

The two terms in the title are not connected.  Fort here refers to the St. George’s fort and FDFS refers to the tradition of ‘First Day, First Show’ in the realm of movies.  

St. George’s Fort

This iconic structure can be claimed as the Father of Chennai.  Once upon a time, the English built this fort on an uninhabited land.  The small town of Madras developed around this building, which aided trade and commerce.  

373 years and still going strong, this building now is the seat of the Legislative Assembly of Tamilnadu.  It houses various other departments of the Government. The flag mast of St. George’s Fort is among the tallest in the country at 150 feet.  

Chennai is charming in its own ways.  I love it due to its quaint buildings and a rich history behind the names of many buildings and roads.  


Ah! This is a special tradition that every movie buff would want to experience.  A FDFS of their favorite star’s movie.  

Tamil Nadu has historically been a very movie oriented region.  We have had movie stars as Chief ministers and movies have sown seeds of inspiration to many out there.  

The FDFS culture is prominent here owing to this culture. The culture of viewing movie stars as larger-than-life figures.  

The sight in front of any prominent theatre in Chennai is something to behold, on the day of release of the movie.  We would have unprecedented crowd, traffic snarls and if luck favors, we could even catch glimpse of a fan or two dunking gallons of milk over a hoarding of the movie star.  All of this in a day! 

Chennai has several cinema halls that have a rich history.  Albert theatre, Kasi theatre, Woodlands, Devi complex, Udayam, Satyam theatre ( before it became SPI cinemas) have all stood the test of time and have succeeded in reinventing themselves to keep up with the technological progress in the movie screening process.  

With movie tickets costing only Rs.120/- at the maximum (yes, it is an upper slab foxed by the government)  what more could a movie buff ask for?? Be sure to catch a movie the next time you are in Chennai.  The experience is worth every paisa.  

This post is a part of the A to Z challenge

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