Gilma is a slang word in Tamilnadu used to denote anything related to Sex.  
Tamilnadu has many slangs of Tamil. From Chennai in the north to Tuticorin in the south, people identify themselves with the tone, the words and the accents that they speak. 

Gilma is one such ‘modern’ word which intends to convey ‘sex’ or ‘romance’ or ‘making out’ and all other 16524865 variants.  Of course I have this feeling that this word has been derived from a more sophisticated word ‘Gilphansy’, which also means the same as gilma does.  

My early memory of this word is when I was 16 and this was used generously among my schoolmates, thanks to the hormones.  

Gilma is a noun and it CANNOT be derived into Gilmaed, or gilmaing just like how we use ‘googling’ or ‘googled’ these days.  

Other words to denote same meaning are Jalsa, Jilpa, Matter etc.  

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