Hot, Hotter, Hottest

Chennai is known for its weather which goes along these exact words- Hot, Hotter, hottest.  

It’s true.  

The normal weather here on any given day is upwards of 33 degrees Celsius.  Summer is scorching with temperatures ranging anywhere between 37-42 degrees.  People have acclimatised themselves to this heat and have been enjoying the vacations in their own way for decades now.  

Although my strong advise would be to not visit Chennai during March-September period, we have some desi ways of beating the heat that have been perfected over the years.  

Do not step outside your shelter without a bottle or two of water.  

It might add weight to your carry ons, it might be tedious or even old fashioned. This is not the right time to prioritise fashion over health.  

Do not shy away from asking for water to people nearby, in case of emergencies.  

Feeling giddy? Exhausted?? Dehydrated??? No worries, just approach your nearest passed by for water.  Unlike many other countries, we do share water bottles here and are totally hygienic.  

Replenish your fluids with melons.  

Watermelons and musk melons are available in abundance for cheap rates. Have them as frequently as you can.  They would help a lot to battle the heat.  
Avoid layers in clothing.  

Not the right time to dress up in synthetics or show off that new Cardigan you picked up for your tour around the town.  Dress up in cottons and light fabrics, and of course in light colors.  Thank me later.  

Use umbrella, sunscreen, hats etc

Time to take out that umbrella and hat. Guard yourself from the cruel rays of the Sun and be protective about your skin.  

Avoid heavy make up

You already look great! Why to mess it up with a three inch thick goes mix of make up?? Let your skin breathe.  

The above tips are just the basics that would help you survive what we call ‘Summer’. 

Beat the heat and enjoy the summers.  

This post is a part of the A to Z challenge

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