Ready for a gastronomic delight?? 

This is about the staple tamil breakfast named ‘idli’. Made of wet batter of rice and lentils and left to ferment overnight, this food item is among the most nutritious of the lot.  

I love idli.  Mainly because of the metamorphosis it is capable of.  You can have it plain, with chutneys made of coconut or tomato or pudina  (mint leaves)  or coriander leaves (cilantro) or with a powder made of ground dal and chillies. You can also soak it in sambar or powder and eat.  Bothered that there are some idli leftovers?? No worries, you can always dice it up and make upma.  

Idlis are the comfort food for a lot of people down south.  It is available everywhere and there are places where Idlis are available fresh and piping hot round the clock.  

This is a bowl of mini Idlis,popularly known as 14 Idlis.  It is named so because, usually, one lot has 14 idlis. 

This is a must have item when you are visiting tamil nadu and I bet you won’t be disappointed.  

This post is a part of the A to Z challenge 

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