Light House

L is for Life and Love, which is abundant in Chennai. Next in list comes the Light house.


Located in the end of the Promenade on the Marina beach, this Light house is an icon in the city’s landscape. It is one of those lighthouses that are well within the city limits.

This lighthouse has a rich history. The building that stands tall today, is the fourth structure that was built to serve as the light house, to guide the ships to the shore safely. It is a proud symbol of the Maritime history of Chennai and also of our country.

This lighthouse here was thrown open to the public a few years back and since then it has been a great spot for some nice sea breeze and some kickass views. It also marks the beginning of what we call “Gandhi Statue Beach”, which extends way past Santhome.

The location is prime and is served well by buses and MRTS train service. It also has some coffee shops and a mall in its vicinity.

Pro Tip- Head to the lighthouse at around 3.30 in the evening, enjoy the breeze and the views. Head to the beach post that and have some nice street food , sitting on the sand. Best when tried on a full moon day. 🙂 

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