Oh Emm Aar!! 

That’s how OMR is pronounced.  

OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road) or the Rajiv Gandhi Salai, is one of the most happening places in Chennai.  

Also perceived to be a youngsters haven, this road stretches from the MadhyaKailash junction to Mahabalipuram.  This was an arterial Road that once connected the small town of Mahabalipuram to Chennai.  The East Coast Road later stole the thunder of the OMR.  

This road is an expressway, which was planned and developed with the sole intention of giving a boost to the IT/ITES industry in the city.  Hence this road is also known as the IT expressway.  
Dotted with IT companies on both sides and also numerous SEZ parks and zones promoted by the State Government, this region is famous for its cosmopolitan demography.  

Themed restaurants, food streets,  branded clothing outlets and everything else find place here making this region self sufficient.  

Housing prices in this region are famed to bring heart attacks to people and so does the traffic.  Just try saying that you have crossed the SRP and the TIDEL signal, when you go into the city and meet your friends, be sure that they have a new found respect for you.  For that’s OMR for you.  


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