Zebra Crossing

We all know what a Zebra Crossing is, don’t we?


Chennai is known for its signal junctions and busy roads. Everybody always seems to be in a hurry which is known by the incessant honking in signals, even before the lights turn green. The dilemma of how and when to cross the road has been there forever, especially when there is no signal for a long stretch of road and there are no traffic cops around to help you with it.

This post is a guide to help you accomplish the goal of crossing a busy road in the absence of traffic cops.

  1. First of all, take time out to observe the people around you. Take a note of their direction of movement. By now you should have noticed that people seem to slow down at one particular point on the side of the road. Go and stand there.
  2. Be patient till you have around 6-7 people on your side and also a similar number of people exactly opposite to you, looking to reach your side by crossing the road.
  3. Be alert to the traffic and at some point, you will feel taking the plunge.
  4. Stretch your hand, signalling the vehicles to slow down and start walking forward. Be rest assured that the others will follow suit from both the sides.

There you go, you just crossed the road without any hassles.

Standing endlessly at the Zebra crossing doesn’t work in Chennai. Join hands with your co-walkers and slay it I say!


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