Promises of a Firefly

Title- Promises of a Firefly Author- Anupam Patra Published- 2017 Pages- 209 Genre- Fiction- Short Stories While on a Non-fiction reading spree, I received this book for a review. Honestly, I was expecting fiction, after reading the short description that was provided. To my surprise, the book was a collection of short stories. I had... Continue Reading →


20 years and counting

Today, the Harry Potter series completes 20 years of existence. In this 20 years, the series has seen it all. It has been celebrated, shunned, criticised and worshiped. All of it in a span of 20 years. For a lot of kids of the 90s era, Harry Potter would be an inevitable part of their... Continue Reading →

The Kind Worth Killing- Peter Swanson

  Title- The Kind Worth Killing Author- Peter Swanson Published- 2015 Pages- 322 Genre- Thriller The title seeks attention and promises suspense. This book is set in the quiet suburbs of Boston and Connecticut and revolves around the lives of four people. How destiny interweaves the lives of these four strange souls (I am leaving... Continue Reading →

How Fitness Works

Fitness is the new in-thing if you know what I mean. Being fit, fitness freak, fitster and a gazillion other terms have been coined for people who are craaaazy about being fit. So much that fitness and its related products and services industry are worth a *insert a huge number with a bunch of zeroes trailing it*... Continue Reading →

‘Coz of our meddling!

This word immediately reminds me of Monica Geller and her hair(!), which of course due to the humidity was all springy and frizzy. There is a general social rule that one must not meddle in other people's affairs. Now the word 'affairs' has multiple meanings and contexts attached to it. It could mean business, things, life,... Continue Reading →

Gender Roles and Body Shaming

'Konjam odamba kora. Apo thaan kalyanathuku apram sari a irukum' (tone down a little only then it would be perfect after marriage) 'Let the menfolk eat first. Let's serve food for them' These are common sentences we get to hear in a typical Indian household. Be it a family gathering or just a couple of family... Continue Reading →

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