How Fitness Works

Fitness is the new in-thing if you know what I mean. Being fit, fitness freak, fitster and a gazillion other terms have been coined for people who are craaaazy about being fit. So much that fitness and its related products and services industry are worth a *insert a huge number with a bunch of zeroes trailing it* billion dollars. Gyms cropping up in every street corner, fitness apparels, new styles of routines and YouTubers yelling and pushing us, we have seen it all.

Yesterday being Yoga day, I thought I might as well address the fit animal inside the studio. I have had my own run-ins with gyms and studios trying to sell plans and offers to me. Apparently, you can only offer an offer and not sell it, because well, it is an ‘offer’ for treadmill’s sake! Oh, I digress.

Days and nights spent on ‘liking’ and ‘subscribing’ to some of the renowned gyms and fitness centers within a rideable distance from our place- Check.

Doing a row-wise and a column-wise analysis with all the plans that they offered and zeroing in on three plans in ascending order- Check.

Calling them up and enquiring when you can drop in to visit or asking if they have a free session for trial- Check. 

Rethinking if we will be punctual and sincere enough to move our lazy ass from the bed and do the entire paisa vasool thingy? – Check.

Appearing for the earlier planned visit or the free session and spending the entire remaining day with a sore body- Check.

Considering the option of using the road tax that we pay to full use by running on the road instead- Check.

Concluding that the above is not an option since roads are not air conditioned and hence aborts the mission- Check.

Finally enrolling for an envious plan in a prominent gym and flaunting it on Instagram- Check.

Realising that we do not have the appropriate clothes to wear to the gym and go shopping with a decent budget- Check.

Finding solace in wearing new clothes to the gym the next day and taking pictures there with scandalising captions- Check

Poses- Check

Inspiring quote wallpapers (courtesy- Nike) – Check

Salad menu insta pic- Check

All these come to a crashing end soon and the cycle resumes from step one after a while.

Trust me, we have all been there and done that. I pride in being a potato who can metamorphose if I wanted to.


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