The Kind Worth Killing- Peter Swanson


Title- The Kind Worth Killing

Author- Peter Swanson

Published- 2015

Pages- 322

Genre- Thriller

The title seeks attention and promises suspense. This book is set in the quiet suburbs of Boston and Connecticut and revolves around the lives of four people. How destiny interweaves the lives of these four strange souls (I am leaving out Kimball) is what forms the crux of the story.

What struck me through the narrative is the way the story has been told. It is in perspectives and not in chapters, which is unusual. I quite liked this style, which actually gives a beautiful pendulum-like feeling as we progress through the plot.  It is these overlaps that make the story intriguing and gives a very nice continuation feeling in between events.

The character-building is good and the description of the history behind each character and their relationships is detailed. It also feels like unwanted layers, impeding the flow of the book at times. Safe to skip those pages, I would say.

Destinies have been made to intersect and the manner in which the author has tied the loose ends by the time we come to the conclusion is nice. To me, the masterstroke would be the final few lines about the meadow next door.

This was brilliance and I personally feel, the author has actually built a story just in order to throw this at the reader’s face, leaving things open and left to their vivid imagination. It is very much movie-like.

This book is an engaging read, especially during travels and when one is not looking for anything intense.

Special thanks to Gils who introduced me to the author. Two more titles pending to be read. 



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