Promises of a Firefly

Title- Promises of a Firefly

Author- Anupam Patra

Published- 2017

Pages- 209

Genre- Fiction- Short Stories

While on a Non-fiction reading spree, I received this book for a review. Honestly, I was expecting fiction, after reading the short description that was provided. To my surprise, the book was a collection of short stories.

I had given up on short stories long back. Reason being, I was getting repeated stories, all in the same stale approach. In short, they were all old wine served in an old, tattered bottle. The few, rare stories that I read would be those written by a couple of my blogger-friends.

This book is a collection of 11 short stories. Each deals with some emotion that a human being goes through. It could be the loss of a loved one, bereavement, hope, unrequited love or anything. The stories are all short and crisp.

I would not claim the crux of the stories to be novel or special. Most of them are cliched. But the treatment given to the outline is very good. For any story to be appreciated, it is not enough if the plot is good, the narration, the setting, the approach etc must be equally good.

Seeing that this was the debut work of the author Anupam Patra, I loved the effort and the language in it. I am a sucker for lovely narratives. So yes, this passes the test.

You know sometimes we grow so tired of our lives and would just want a trigger to cry it out? This book helps you do that.

Although, I do not appreciate the order in which the stories are printed. I personally feel the emotions could have been analysed more and then spread out through the book so that the reader actually goes through a roller-coaster ride when reading this one.

In short, I liked it. It felt like a whiff of fresh air, which was not too long or boring.

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