Waterboarding- Bragadeesh Prasanna

Title: Waterboarding

Author: Bragadeesh Prasanna

Published: 2017

Pages: 201

Genre: Fiction

What’s in words?

Forgetfulness is one thing. Forgetting a phase of one’s life is another. How would it feel, if there existed a love story in those erased pages? Tricky and scary, right? That is what the book is about.

The story revolves around Ved, Sara and Maya. It swings between the past and the present and ends in the threshold of the future.

“A little pain is always nice. It helps us appreciate the normalcy when it returns”- Ved

Ved meets with a gory accident, which leaves him plastered. He is immobile and as a result frustrated. Worse, he seems to have forgotten his pre-accident life due to trauma. He takes the help of two of his trusted friends- Ramesh and Sara to figure out the missing details and to get back to normalcy. Ramesh, Robin, Sai and Neena are the other named characters in this story, who play their own significant part.

Who is Maya? What is her role? Where is she now? What about Menaka? Guru?

“Darkness has that capacity to coerce the truth”- Guru

Answers to these questions form the remaining part of the story.

Woven along an intricate maze, the author keeps the story moving. There is no dull moment anywhere in the 201 pages.

“One can only drink so much from a mirage” –Sara

The story has been written in a ‘Peter Swanson’ style. Three people narrate the story to the reader, giving three unique perspectives. While Ved and Maya say the story themselves, Sara records it in her diary. It is nice to have a change of narrative once in a while.

One thing that I liked the most about this book is the selection of verbs. I have been learning this for a short while- A strong verb gives the sentence its punch and helps improve any description. It is true. The change in the quality of description is extreme, when compared to the author’s previous book, 300 days.

Apart from the gripping story, the book has some nice lines to mark and cherish.

“When someone says something bad about us, we are ready with piles of justifications and incidental sequences to defend ourselves. But compliments always work the other way round” – Ved

There are few editing issues with the book which could confuse the reader. But ignore that and proceed with the core idea, one can still relish the book. I am sure all of us will relate to at least a couple of parts in this book. Waterboarding is NOT torture. Not here at least.


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