Long Forgotten Songs #1

In a musical mood/mode today, I thought of documenting some of my favorite songs here. Since I am a 90’s kid, my list would most probably cover songs that came out during the late nineties and later. If you are an AR Rahman fan, this album would definitely be cherish-worthy for you. Rockstar which was... Continue Reading →


Eternally Yours

Any relationship has it own ups and downs. Given the current exposure of the world to us, we have coined several terms for the different phases a relationship goes through. Marriage is not the end of a relationship. In fact, it is the beginning of a whole new game play. The promise and commitment to... Continue Reading →

Charukesi- the seductive beauty

It took only a small Facebook post to get me drowned into unending Carnatic music dosage. Thanks to Youtube, I am able to type this with this beauty of a raga doing its job in my headphones. Music is therapy, I tell you. Some songs make you hum them for a very long time, in... Continue Reading →

The Lost Innocence

And she hid herself behind the first object she could lay her hands on. It was the mirror that was hanging on the wall. She fervently hoped that she would be safe from the raining blows that was coming her way. She knew that pain. She knew that torment. She knew all that too well.... Continue Reading →

Lost and Found

Their eyes met. Two pairs of eyes that had a beautiful bond years ago. Eyes that had spoken so many silent words with each other. Eyes that had promised to be there for each other for ever and ever.  Each pair had hundreds of thoughts. One was of questions and the other pair was of... Continue Reading →

Indian judiciary scores with humour

Every time I happen to read this case law, I crack up. Not for the apparent reason that a person like me has ended up reading these, but for the way the Honorable Courts of Law in India have snubbed the petitioners who have been cheeky and over smart. It will not be something new... Continue Reading →

Time to wake up!!!

With a considerable amount of time in the last week spent on reading and reading about corporate accounting frauds, its with a great shock that I come to realise how risky the environment has become for an Auditor. As a representative from that field itself, I would very well say that an Auditor is always... Continue Reading →

Ikkaraikku akkarai always green???

Some days just bring you down, don't they? I happened to be a witness of two souls sharing their own woes about work ( one is doing articleship and the other one is an Industrial Trainee) . As always I observed and observed and come to notice the following. Things that make Articleship win The... Continue Reading →

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