Long Forgotten Songs #1

In a musical mood/mode today, I thought of documenting some of my favorite songs here.

Since I am a 90’s kid, my list would most probably cover songs that came out during the late nineties and later.

If you are an AR Rahman fan, this album would definitely be cherish-worthy for you. Rockstar which was released in the year 2011, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri, is one of the best albums of the Mozart of Madras hands down. He has experimented to his hearts’ content on this album, a major part of which happens in Prague.

Each song is a gem in itself. Three particular songs stole my heart the moment I heard the first few beats.

Hawaa hawaa – Mohit Chauhan and chorus

This song starts off with peppy beats and has a folksy-gypsy taste to it. Set in the backdrop of the stony lanes and castles of the beautiful city of Prague, the song narrates the story of a King who had imprisoned the queen by restricting her from doing what she wished (dance).

The song is fast paced and a happy one, with a riot of colours and tap dance steps peppering it. It is said that the song was based on some unheard Czech gypsy traditions.

In a way, the story narrated by the song depicted the leading lady’s life in Prague, lonely and imprisoned.

Mohit Chauhan has done a superb job in adding a kick to this song and his meow sounds in between the lines truly add lustre to this number.

Click for the video of this song

Kun Faya Kun- ARR, Javed Ali, Mohit Chauhan and Chorus

ARR is no newbie when it comes to Qawwalis and Sufi songs. Inspired by the rich traditions of Persia, Sindh, Arabia and Turkey, Qawwali music has elements of harmoniums, tabla and handclaps. ARR has used bits and pieces of qawwali strains in Bombay and Guru and also full blown qawwalis in Fiza and Jodha Akbar.

This particular song is a qawwali of the type Manqabat (Manqabat – Wikipedia) , sung in praise of the saint Nizamudin Aulia.

A hymn in praise of the saint is followed by the song. This song depicts life’s philosophy from the mind of a devotee. It, in fact, explains how a human is a mere tool in the hands of a bigger divine power and how each and every action of a human is led by that power.

My favorite lines would be-

“Rangreza rang mera tann, mera mann”

These lines, when translated, mean “Oh Painter! Paint thou body and mind with colours”

This song comes at this crucial juncture in the movie, where Ranbir is thrown out of his house, wanders around and ends up seeking asylum at a Dargah. The atmosphere there adds to his musical essence and helps him mould his music.

This song is total surrender to the Divinity!

Click to watch the video song

Aur Ho- Alma Ferovic, Mohit Chauhan

My last pick from this album would be “Aur Ho”, which is placed somewhere in the later half of the movie.

This song speaks about the bereavement and the anguish experienced by Ranbir, owing to his love. The proximity to Nargis also adds to his pain, making him sing this song in a concert.

The lyrics are excellent and I loved the wordplay in this song. The lyricist, Irshad Kamil, has done a fabulous job by using words having the same meaning in adjacent lines. For example- Fire- Aag, taap, aanch and jal.

This song is symbolic to the fire burning inside Ranbir, raging, due to his separation from his ladylove.

We can listen to Mohit Chauhan traversing through wide ranges in vocals with Alma Ferovic adding tone to it with her stunning voice.

This song is pain, pain and more pain packed into a 5-minute punch!

Click here to watch the video song

Also, this was the movie that ended with the famous words of Rumi,

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.


Eternally Yours

Any relationship has it own ups and downs. Given the current exposure of the world to us, we have coined several terms for the different phases a relationship goes through. Marriage is not the end of a relationship. In fact, it is the beginning of a whole new game play. The promise and commitment to be there for each other, with each other is divine and chaste. Words must essentially be fulfilled.

There will be days when everything is not hunky-dory. Negativities begin to play peek-a-boo every other day and people start drifting apart. It is the love that brought them together in the first place and the commitment that sealed the deal that come to help them out.

Here is a poem I had the fortune to read, which describes the feelings of a husband when he senses the minor fractures that had began to appear in his married life. This poem, written by one of the most talented souls I have had the fortune to meet and get to know, Vijay anna, cruises through the beautiful language of Thamizh and takes the help of literature to reaffirm his love to his lit-loving wife.

அன்புள்ள மனைவிக்கு,


‘அன்புள்ள’ என்பது

எத்துணை முழுமையற்ற ஒரு

சொற்பிரயோகம் என்பதை

உனக்குப் புரிய வைக்கும்

என் முயற்சிதான் இந்த மடல்!

To my dear wife,

This letter is an attempt to make you see how much inadequate is the expression ‘Dear’, in many situations.

நீ என் வாழ்வின்

எத்துணையோ இடங்களை நிரப்புகின்றாய் தெரியுமா…


கடல் முகந்து

சூள் கொண்டு


காற்றொடு கலந்து







மழையாய்ப் பொழியும் முகில்கள்

குறிஞ்சியின் மலைவழி இறங்கி

முல்லையின் காடுகள் நனைத்து

மருதத்தின் சமவெளி பாய்ந்து

பாலையின் பாளங்கள் ஊறி

நெய்தலின் கடலினில் கலப்பதைக்

காவியங்களின் ஆற்றுப் படலங்களில்

கவினுறச் சொல்ல

கம்பனாதிகள் கஷ்டப்படுவதைக் 

கண்டு வா


ஐம்புலன்களின் ஐந்திணைகளை

நிரப்பும் உன்

காதல் காட்டாற்றின்

புதுப்பெருக்கைச் சொல்லப் புகுந்த

என் சிரமம்

சிறிதேனும் புரியலாம் உனக்கு!

Do you know how important a part you are, in completing my life? Your role in my life is similar to the phases that a cloud undergoes in its journey from the state of water to rain. I urge you to witness people like Kamban stumbling to detail the journey of a rain drop, through the mountainous terrain of Kurinji, the dense forests of Mullai, the heavenly green expanse of agricultural lands of Marutham, the dry and arid trails of Palai and the deep water bodies of Neythal. You might get an inkling of the enormity of my task to give my love for you, a structure in words.

கல்தோன்றி மண் தோன்றாக் காலம் முதலான


கிளவித்தலைவர்களைப் போலத்தான் 


காட்சியில் தொடங்கினேன்

என் காதலை,


ஆய்மயில் கொல்லோ?


சுடிதார் அணிந்த மாதர்கொல்?


நெஞ்சு மாய

ஐயுற்றுத் தெளிந்து 

ஆவல் அதிகரித்தேன்…

I am very similar to the “thalaivan” portrayed in Tamil Literature. I fell for you the moment I saw you. My eyes laid the first stone to the monument of my love for you. That moment shook me – “Is she an Angel? Or a mystical peacock that is beautiful? Or is she a lady at all, for her beauty is unseen till day. My mind raced and revolted with my head with all these unanswered questions. I have never wanted answers so badly. My curiosity was testing my patience.

அதுவரை அறிந்திராத

ஆயிரமாயிரம் உத்திகளை

அடுக்கி அசரவைத்தது

என் அறிவு என்னையே!

பேர் அறிய

ஊர் அறிய


பிடித்ததும் பிடிக்காததும் அறிய

உந்தன் கைப்பேசி எண் அறிய

காதல் பற்றிய கருத்தறிய

எல்லாவற்றிற்கும் மேலாய்

ஏற்கனவே நீ

எவனையேனும் விரும்புகிறாயா என்னும் அந்த

ஆயிரப்பொற்காசுக் கேள்விக்கு விடையறிய

அதுவரை அறிந்திராத

ஆயிரமாயிரம் உத்திகளை

அடுக்கி அசரவைத்தது

என் அறிவு என்னையே!

My intelligence surprised me then, with all the ideas and strategies that I could employ to get to know you. Your name, legacy, your likes and dislikes, your mobile number, your opinion and ideas on love and finally the million dollar question that is- If you were already in love with somebody else.

My intelligence did surprise me like never before!

நாட்டை வளைக்கும்

நாற்படைத் தலைவன் போல்

நாட்கணக்காய்த் தீட்டினேன்

நல்லபல வியூகங்களை,

I spent months in plotting a perfect plan to conquer you, like how an Emperor would, to satisfy his thirst of expansion.

அகத்திணைகள் ஆய வேண்டிப்

புறத்திணைகள் ஆராய்ந்தேன் –


“வெட்சி மனம்கவர்தல்

மீட்டல் கரந்தையாம்

நட்பாகிச் செல்வது வஞ்சியாம்,

பார்வைக்கு –

உட்காது எதிரூன்றல் காஞ்சி

நேரம்காத்தல் நொச்சி

அதுவளைத்தல் ஆகும் உழிஞை –

அதிரப் பொருந்தல் தும்பையாம்


மிக்கோர் மனம்வென்றது வாகை யாம்”



இலக்கணம் வகுத்து

இடைவிடாது இயங்கி

இதோ இன்று

இனியவளே உனைப் பெற்றேன்!

I drowned myself in ‘Purapporul’ in order to acquire the bliss of ‘Agapporul’. I used all the possible ideas from the literature that I read and devour and finally won you, my beloved!

Note- Purapporul is a branch in Tamil Literature wherein the core idea of the contents linger over the ideas of courage and bravery. It tells us tales about the manner in which Rulers conquer and the other ruler defends his territory. The variety in this, is given the names of flowers beginning with Vetchi and ending with Vaagai. On the other hand, Agapporul is that branch of literature which deals with the emotions of the heart. Love, Lust, friendship etc can be found here. 

காதலை நான் உரைத்த நொடி – எனைக்

கலங்க வைத்தாய் உன் கருத்தால்

காத்திருந்தேன் நான்

கவிதைகளால் காலம் நிரப்பி!


காகிதத்தில் என் கவிதைகளும்

காலத்தில் என் காத்திருப்பும்

இயற்றிய கடுந்தவத்திற்கு

இரங்கினாய் இறுதியாய்

காதல் வரம் தந்தாய்

காதலியாய் உனைத் தந்தாய்…

The moment I confessed my love to you, you shook me with your reply. You were not into it, you said. I waited, filling the void I felt, with the lines I wrote for you. Trees and time went by, finally you gave consent. It was a jubilant moment for my penance, for my patience. You gave a boon, an eternal boon to me, in the form of yourself.

உரிபொருள்கள் மாறின  

உன்னால் என் கவிதைகளில்

உள்ளுக்குள் நிறைந்தாய்

ஒவ்வொரு செல்லாய் நீ… 

கால்களில் சிறகு முளைத்தன


காதலுக்கும் காலத்திற்கும்

My sorrow turned to bliss. Vows were exchanged infront of the Divine Fire. We became a single soul trapped in two bodies. You gave soul to me and my poems. You gave wings to fly, for time and for my love, to bask in the golden ray that is the sunshine.

காதலனுக்கு இருந்தததைப் போல் இன்று

கணவனுக்கு இல்லை காதல் என்று

கண்மணியே நீ குறைபட்டுக்கொள்கிறாய்

கண்ணீரால் என்மீது குற்றங்கள் சாட்டுகிறாய்!

இருக்கிறதென்று காட்டவே

இதோ இந்த மடல் உனக்கு…

Days went by in marital bliss. Today you lose heart saying the love has faded and I was a better lover than a husband. Oh my love, you tear me apart with your tears!

To refute your claim, I pen these words down.

அறியாத அந்த

அவைகளை அறிந்தபின்

ஆர்வம் சற்று குறைந்திருக்கலாம்தான்

ஆனாலும் அன்பே

இருக்கவே இருக்கிறதே

அடுத்த நிலையில்

அறியாதவை பல!

Where the mind has known the unknown, I don’t deny that my curiosity might have waxed a little. But then, darling, there is always a next step where again we are lost, in the maze of the obscure and the unknown.

அறிதோறும் அறியாமை கண்டு

செறிதோறும் சேர்த்துக் கொள்கிறேன்  

செல்லமே, என் காதலை!

I shall get that bliss similar to unraveling the mysteries of the unknown, every time I derive pleasure from you, my Love!

காகிதத்தில் இல்லையென்றாலும்


இயற்றிக்கொண்டுதானே இருக்கிறேன்

கவிதைகளை நான்?

கவனிக்கவில்லையா நீ?

If not in words, in trails of time, I still am penning down poems for you. Did you not notice that?

கண்கள் சிவக்கும் உன்னைக்

கன்னம் சிவக்க வைப்பேனே!

கவிதையில்லையா அது?


கேட்காத கேள்விகளுக்குக்

காதுக்குள் கிசுகிசுக்கும் விடைகள்,

கவிதையில்லையா அது?

I shall make you go pink in your cheeks, when your eyes are red from all the tears that you shed. Is it not a poem? Those sweet nothings that we whisper in each others ears, even when there was not a word spoken before that, isn’t that a poem?

தோற்பதற்கென்றே தொடங்கப்படும்

தொல்லையில்லாத சண்டைகள்,

கவிதையில்லையா அது?


எதிர்பாரா நேரத்தில்

எதிர்கொள்வாயே அது,

கவிதையில்லையா அது?

Those little tiffs that we begin, just to lose ourselves and make each other win, Isn’t that a poem? When you feel the unexplainables at the unexpected times, Is that not a poem?

வார்த்தைக்குத் தப்பிக்கும்

வாழ்வின் அந்நொடிகள்,

கவிதையில்லையா அது?


இன்னும் இன்னும் இருக்கின்றன

எழுத இயலாதவையும்

எழுதக் கூடாதவையும் – எனக்கு

எழுதத் தெரியாதவையும்…

Moments of life, which take life in pieces of paper, only to be re-lived later on, isn’t that a poem by itself?

There is much more, which cannot be written, shall not be written and those which I know not how to be written.


ஆயிரம் கவிதைகளையும்

ஒரே ஒரு நொடியின்

ஒரு துளி மௌனத்தில்

ஒன்றுமில்லாமல் ஆக்கிவிடும்

உன்னிடம் எதைச் சொல்ல?

இந்த ஒன்றை தவிர,


நான் உன்னைக் காதலிக்கின்றேன்!

என்றும் என்றென்றும்…

What do I have to say? To you, who would burn all my words written so far, with a single glance, with your momentary silence, into smithereens.

I have nothing more to say than this- I love you, always.

Reethigowlai- The Mellow Mistress, an adorable anomaly

Music is more a language than an art. It conveys and is capable of expressing thousands of emotions which we might not be able to express by words or actions.

While there are many ragams to be explored and drowned in, may I let the beautiful “Reethigowlai” take the stage today?

Reethigowlai is one of those ragams, which are soft by nature. Used widely to depict the emotions of divinity, love and cajoling, this ragam is a hit. Many people will be familiar with the undertones of this since this is easy to follow and sing or hum along.

Born out of the legendary “Karaharpriya”, Reethigowlai has therapeutic properties too. It is known that this ragam gives a lot of calm and clarity to the cluttered mind, when sung or heard with absolute focus.

Two of the famous compositions in this ragam is “Guruvayoorappane Appan, Sree Krishnan” and “Enna Punniyam Seideno” composed by the legend Shri Uthukadu Venkata Subbaiyar.

The piece “Enna Punniyam” rendered by Bombay Sisters, is one of my all time favorites, which soothes me to a great extent.

The Tamil filmdom is a big fan of this ragam, using it extensively to depict love and admiration of ones love and beauty.

The famous song, Kangal irandal, from the movie Subramanyapuram is weaved on this ragam.

This is one another hit song of AR Rahman, detailing the beauty of the lady by the male lead.

Another number of the same thread of reethigowlai, rendered by Shri.Unnikrishnan.

This raagam is perfect to listen to when in solitude. Just oneself, silence and some apt volume with reethigowlai playing away in its glory.

Charukesi- the seductive beauty

It took only a small Facebook post to get me drowned into unending Carnatic music dosage. Thanks to Youtube, I am able to type this with this beauty of a raga doing its job in my headphones. Music is therapy, I tell you.

Some songs make you hum them for a very long time, in a loop, without any reason. There were few such songs that made me hum and remember them somewhere in my subconscious mind. All these songs had that rare quality. They were full of feel. I don’t know how many of you get this reference,but by “feel” I essentially mean that those songs were filled with bhava. They were stunningly sexy, some of them.

It was then that one of my friends introduced me to this gem. He had mentioned it was his favorite raga and that i ought to give it a try. Enthusiastic at the prospect, I listened to it and found it strike a chord instantly. I recognised it as my “that” genre of songs which I had safely collected in the deepest realms of my heart and memories.

This raga has a special quality. It is perfect to emulate any mood with this. Pranks, love, forlorn love, that pre-nuptial shyness, lust etc. You name it and Charukesi has it. Such is the beauty of this raga.

Recent songs of this raga would be nenjil nenjil idho idho from Engeyum Kadhal. Now don’t ask me if there is such a movie. Yes, that Jayam Ravi and Hansika starrer one, remember?? Gadodkaja from Pammal K Samandham is also one among those.

Charukesi is a beautiful raga that is sure to stir you up and choke you with emotions guys. Tread cautiously before drowning in the divinity of this gem.

Adamodi galadaa- Shri.Balamurali Krishna

Bits and Pieces woven to perfection by Isaignani- Charukesi

Engeyum Kaadhal- Bringing the seductress alive

Also, kindly take a look at what my friend has to say on Charukesi here


The Lost Innocence

And she hid herself behind the first object she could lay her hands on. It was the mirror that was hanging on the wall. She fervently hoped that she would be safe from the raining blows that was coming her way. She knew that pain. She knew that torment. She knew all that too well.

She was scared. For the first time in her life, she was scared. She had always had a soft spot for that man in her heart. She had always known that she was his sweet little princess. She had believed that he would never hurt her, ever. Not even when he kept beating her mommy. She always had trusted him to be innocent and naive, for he was the one who held her first, when she was born. It was him who brought her candies every other day. He had fulfilled each of her wishes. She still remembered the tight grip by which he held her hand while crossing the road. All of it ran through her mind’s eye, like a movie clip.

Things were not fine these days. She knew her mommy and daddy were fighting everyday. But she had thought it was out of love, because everytime she had asked him why he yelled at mommy, he had told her,” Darling, it is because I love mommy very much”. She had trusted him. His words.

Today it was the same old story. She had grown used to this scene of late. She had confined herself to her own world amidst all the commotion. Her world was that happy one, with her beloved daddy. Candies and happiness, smiles and funny faces, hugs and kisses filled her world. Today was just like any other day, she aloof and away, until..

“Daddy burst into the room and caught mommy by her hair. I have not seen him so much angry. May be it is because of me. Have I been a bad girl to him? Did I do something naughty that caused him trouble”? her thoughts ran wild.

In a split second, from between the gap in the curtains, she saw him staring at her. She thought his anger would fade away the instant he saw her face. That was what he had always told her. She gaped at him back with her scared, big, brown eyes. What she saw back scarred her for life.

All she could remember was he coming on to her, seething with rage. All she could do was to hide herself behind the mirror with an innocent whimper. All she could hope was that this would guard her from his fury.

She was scarred. For life. That moment defined her future for her. That moment showed the path on which she must walk.

She is now a social activist, fighting and pledging her life for abandoned and abused children. She is determined to not let any child face a trauma like she had. She cares for their innocence and well-being. Children are our future, is what she says.

When asked about her childhood, all she can remember is this incident. Her terrified life and childhood, much like the dark and deep woods as seen in the reflection.

“This Post has been submitted as my entry to Opening Line Writing Challenge by Ranvijai Ravi on Midnight Writing.”

Lost and Found

Their eyes met. Two pairs of eyes that had a beautiful bond years ago. Eyes that had spoken so many silent words with each other. Eyes that had promised to be there for each other for ever and ever. 

Each pair had hundreds of thoughts. One was of questions and the other pair was of explanations and justifications for the deed. 

He was happy to see her. He had been worried if she would be okay. Despite that he had had to take the decision because, to him,it was for the best in the long run. It was an exhilarating moment for him to see her now. She was finally there, at his place. So near, yet so far. Separated by ten feet yet feeling ages apart. She seemed more beautiful than he had ever known her. She seemed so much better in physique and also in spirit. Her contentment was reflecting out of her skin like an aura. She looked like the personification of brilliance. 

His eyes had given it away. She knew he was delighted to see her. She understood that how much worried he was about her well-being. She realised that it was for the good and how hard it might have been for him to break away. She felt different, all of a sudden. She felt at peace. All her restlessness and curiosity gone,in a matter of moments. She found her mind to be at peace. To her, he would always be special. To her,he would always be the man whom she had loved unconditionally. To her, he would always be the person who taught her volumes about the harsh realities of the world in the shortest possible time. 

He walked up to her, with a certain bounce to his steps. He couldn’t stop looking at her. He seemed to be attracted to this “new” her. He seemed to like her even more now , than he had three years back. She knew it all. It was like one of those symphonies between them. Absolutely musical without exchange of words. They were thankful for that strange absence of syllables between them. Somewhere in the bottom of their heart, they knew that speaking out would screw things up. Silence was magical, they thought. 

There felt a sudden urge to hold hands for that would make up for the loss of three years. There still was hesitation, for neither knew how this would end. She wanted a solid future, he wanted his present. That was the conflict. 

She retracted back, not wanting to slip again. “Not anymore” , she thought. She walked back with a jubilant satisfaction in her and with a giant shine in her eyes. She had gotten her answers. She looked up at the sky and sent her prayers. 

He stood there, lost. He had never admired her like this before. He had never fallen for her like this ever before. He knew he wasn’t going to live happily after catching a glimpse of her like this. He wanted to reach out to her. He wanted her so badly in his life that he was willing to follow her like her  shadow. He stood there,stunned, his gaze following her trail and his senses following the fragrance that she had left behind.

Indian judiciary scores with humour

Every time I happen to read this case law, I crack up. Not for the apparent reason that a person like me has ended up reading these, but for the way the Honorable Courts of Law in India have snubbed the petitioners who have been cheeky and over smart.

It will not be something new for my reader if he/she is familiar with lots of Fiscal law disputes and judgements. The Indian Courts of Law are notorious for whacking the concerned Departments for having deviated from sensible lines of common sense in many instances.

This particular case is about a Lawyer who chooses to be cheeky and at the end gets paid back with interest by the High court.

In Income Tax Act, people who are carrying on any business or are practising their profession are allowed to subtract the expenses that they incur for the purposes of that particular business from the income that they have earned from that business. So in effect, the net income will be lesser and consequently tax outflow will be less. Please note that the expenses must have been incurred for the purposes of their business and not for any other purpose.

Now,back to our story

So this lawyer had to undergo a heart surgery and paid quite a huge sum of money for that. He claims that expense as Expense incurred for the profession, since,you know, heart is a very important part for his survival which,in turn contributes towards the successful conduct of his profession. So he is justified in treating it as  Plant and Machinery.

This case ended up in being considered in the Honorable High Court. The Court observed that a healthy heart is absolutely necessary for anybody and not just a lawyer. Moreover, if he has to claim this as a business expense, he must have assigned a value to it and included it in the Financials in early years. So right now he is not justified in claiming the expense as business expense.

So much for being cheeky,eh?? :))

Time to wake up!!!

With a considerable amount of time in the last week spent on reading and reading about corporate accounting frauds, its with a great shock that I come to realise how risky the environment has become for an Auditor. As a representative from that field itself, I would very well say that an Auditor is always haunted by the Ghost of his past. Though as Auditors, we might be well versed and well backed up with all the relevant and necessary points related to the numbers of the company,we still are far left in the lurch when it comes to Internal control systems.

India is gliding in the path of increasing Foreign fund inflows and rapid integration with the global economy ,both in terms of actual trade and also in terms of its financial reporting framework. In such a scenario, one would expect the regulators to tighten up the Law,thus bringing in more accountability and transparency in the operations and also the finances of any business entity. And there we got the new provisions related to Corporate Governance.

“Corporate Governance” brought in a chilly breeze of much-needed reforms in the areas of conflict of interest, stringent disclosure requirements and also pulled the plug on the possibility of retaining auditors. Is it enough for a country like India? Is it enough for an emerging economy which is doing pretty well ,thanks to the tight hold by the RBI and others?

I would say a strong NO to the above questions. Changing Auditors or increasing the mandatory disclosure requirements is not going to go to the roots of the issues. I frankly am shocked to note that nothing has been said on the importance of a strong Internal control systems in business entities and also a whistle-blower protection mechanism covering all the spheres of trade and commerce ( i.e.., not just public sector).

In an era where almost 3/4th of the corporate accounting frauds have taken place due to internal and intentional actions and collusion among the top management level, its highly recommended that some standards or benchmarks be set for the internal control systems in an entity. As we might know, even a very small and immaterial irregularity , when compounded  numerous times , could lead to a huge, venomous scandal. As auditors, we would need to ensure that the entity has strong systems in place rather than merely certifying the numbers. Additionally, we must really have a strong and reasonable opinion on what is material and immaterial with respect to the financials and the operational process. As watchdogs, we are not supposed to compromise on that.

Lets sincerely hope that the recently introduced provisions on Corporate Governance are made more comprehensive and that it goes all the way down to the rock bottom of the iceberg. And its our duty to see to it that the World never sees another WorldCom or Satyam ever again.

Ikkaraikku akkarai always green???

Some days just bring you down, don’t they? I happened to be a witness of two souls sharing their own woes about work ( one is doing articleship and the other one is an Industrial Trainee) . As always I observed and observed and come to notice the following.

Things that make Articleship win

  • The look of awe in the faces of the clients… Absolutely priceless!!looking up to u
  • The cheap thrill of waiting for “that” call from the office about our next outstation audit. Its cheap because we wait not for the audit but for the travel and stay and food perks.. all in one. Especially if it is a Government audit, the sightseeing also. Ahh those nice cabs and swanky hotel rooms and the awesome menu card at our disposal….

cab food hotels

  • Those little arguments that we have with our Client’s employees and in the end proven right.. ( by the interference of our senior or audit manager)


  • Making the client saying “haan JI” for our observations and watching his helpless face at times. ( It is really rare , my friends,because usually it is we who modify our audit as per the client’s wish) .The associated mind voice being ” Now who is the Boss????? “


Things that Industrial Training wins

  • Those typical corporate coffee breaks are nowhere in the picture during Articleship.


  • Shut down the workstation on time, swinging the bag, taking the keys and saying Baaaaaaayyyeeeeee!!!! on time. This, I say, will never ever, ever ever, happen during articleship.


  • A 5 day week. Enough said!! And occasionally a 3 day weekend.


These made me think.. after all, grass is always greener on the other side.. and as ever I smile at them like an idiot.

As I Approach the end of The Beginning…..

A typical conversation that happens between a Staying-away-from-home CA final student and a Oh-Am-So-Practical set of parents goes on as follows:

Scene 1:

Place: The Hostel of the student- Chennai

Scene: Study Holidays near the date of exam..sometime during Mid-April or Mid-October , a fine breezy evening ( in case its October and a sultry one if its April).

Student (S): Mom, I am tired of this NON-SENSE!!!! ( pls. note the all CAPS and the triple exclamation marks there)(tears welling up because of utmost frustration)frustration

Mom(M): Why ?? Whats wrong??? ( worried she is, immediately her mind and thoughts wandering off to the most horrendous situations)

S : How much more should i slog and study? There is no *&%$ end to this!!

M : (Exhaling out of relief..) ohhh.. ivlo thaana…. nan romba over a imagine panniten. (meaning: Ohh is this all… i imagined way too much )

This itself should give you a summary and help you imagine what would have happened next. The parent gives a top-notch Gyaan about how this is just the beginning of all those bad, baaaaaad things that are yet to come and how we should be thankful that we are not there yet and how we must see the present situation as a mere practise session etc……

Right, I know what you must be thinking… I was trying to make a point about the title. Earning a Degree is just the beginning.

As many of my friends and Yours truly are nearing the end of our Articleship stint, many thoughts come and sit on our minds like the young couple in Marina Beach after 6 PM ( they really don’t move out unless its real dark and past 10 PM)…Though we have a lot of ideas on what to do next , it so happens that we get all moody and worked up for nothing because of all these thoughts.

Uncertainity about the results hang above us like a dagger in the air that is reday to chop our heads off and it complicates our woes further.

So, as far as we benchers have brain-stormed, I present to you all the following ideas that has occured to us.

Situation 1: In the event of a CLEAR!!


  • Celebrate! Celebrate!! and Celebrate!!! because this is not the result that we often come across. Practise saying “Thank You” a million times and ” Ohh.. you din clear? That’s sad da. Institute is so bad %&%$ and I myself dunno how i passed” sort of remarks two million times.
  • Distribute Sweets in your erstwhile office and promise them a bigger treat later when you get a good job ( conveniently thinking that “unakellam idhuve jaasthi” or ” catch me if you can”)
  • Check with the present office ( In case you are in a BIG 4 or doing Industrial Training) if they are thinking of retaining you and taking you in as their permanent employee.
  • If it is a Yes, do a cartwheel and flash a biggie smile.
  • If it is a No, still do a cartwheel and flash an even bigger smile and start updating your CV, LinkedIn profiles etc.

Situation 2: In the event of 1 FAIL or 2 FAILs..


  • Call up your friends and check up on them to know their results and do the Hi5 when both of you are on the same boat.
  • Check updates on the Institute website to see the syllabus for the next attempt and consider retaking the classes if need be.
  • Keep calm and continue to complete your term of articleship and then decide to take up a job ( in order to gain experience ) or to quit and sit and work harder ( hoping an all clear in the upcoming attempt)

'Your resume is impressive, but next time try to shorten it from 100 pages to one.'

Now, in the second situation, all of us will have such confusions and will not know how to proceed. The advantages of taking up a job after the articleship might be a) fill in the gaps in the CV b) reduced idle time and hence less instances of the mind turning into a devil’s workshop c) networking and connecting to people and building up your contacts while the cons would be a), b) and c)-> TIME!!!!


The advantages of preparing mainstream for the exams are also aplenty like a) full time focus b) time availability to tweak your routine and experiment a little with it etc while the disadvantages would be a) gaps in the CV b) lack of meeting people outside might drive you crazy and depressed.

Whatever the case is, all I wanted to say was , Yes, I am nearing the end of The beginning and am looking for inputs on the above dilemma….. So all those experienced people out there, do drop in your views so that we Benchers can pick it up from there and move on.. 🙂