Emergency Retold- Kuldip Nayar

Title- Emergency Retold Author- Kuldip Nayar Published- 2013 Pages- 320 Genre- Non-Fiction The book is an account, a live third person account of the Emergency. Kuldip Nayar was a journalist, who was imprisoned during the Emergency and had to undergo the injustice inflicted upon the masses. We all know that the Emergency was one of... Continue Reading →


Hangwoman- K.R.Meera

Title-  Hangwoman Author- K.R.Meera (Malayalam) Translated by J.Devika  Published- 2014 Pages- 432 Genre- Fiction There are so many people out there, whose existence we take for granted. It could be someone close to us, or someone who is essential for us carrying on our day to day activities without a glitch. This book is about... Continue Reading →

Ananta Shesha Naga- Sanjeev K. Sharma

Title-  Ananta Shesha Naga Author- Sanjeev K.Sharma Published- 2017 Pages- 279 Genre- Mythology- Fiction An abysmal combination of words and grammar. This book is a classic example of how a story can be layered unnecessarily and packaged to the unassuming readers as a "book". Poor writing, pathetic editing and copious amount of cringe-worthy content find... Continue Reading →

Promises of a Firefly

Title- Promises of a Firefly Author- Anupam Patra Published- 2017 Pages- 209 Genre- Fiction- Short Stories While on a Non-fiction reading spree, I received this book for a review. Honestly, I was expecting fiction, after reading the short description that was provided. To my surprise, the book was a collection of short stories. I had... Continue Reading →

The Kind Worth Killing- Peter Swanson

  Title- The Kind Worth Killing Author- Peter Swanson Published- 2015 Pages- 322 Genre- Thriller The title seeks attention and promises suspense. This book is set in the quiet suburbs of Boston and Connecticut and revolves around the lives of four people. How destiny interweaves the lives of these four strange souls (I am leaving... Continue Reading →

A “Quote-worthy” journey

It is almost the end of a glorious year. 2016 is ending. I say 'glorious' not because it was fantastically awesome for me, but because it made me rediscover reading. A long lost hobby and craziness of mine,which had slipped into a coma the moment I had given my allegiance to the world redefining rat... Continue Reading →

After The Floods- 4/x

Paru A story that took me back to my school days.(Of course, there are a few people out there who still doubt if I am past iskool, as they would like to call it). A story that took me back to those stories that beat the dead snake of Hope and Struggle. The narration is... Continue Reading →

After The Floods- 3/x

Alone I don’t really get the connection between human beings turning into a new leaf and disaster/misery. Why do people make it seem so? There is no such conclusive proof that every misery brings out the best shade of the most beautiful color in one’s self. To be honest, it is really sad to think... Continue Reading →

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