On A Fan-tea-stic Trail

Some call this their Elixir of Life. For some, this is their Holy Grail. A Chinese stamp that is loved by the entire world.  Recently, I got a chance to visit the new outlet of Tea Trails, opened in Anna Nagar, Chennai. This was a place that I longed to go and when I got... Continue Reading →


The New Journal In The Town

Remember the good old days when diary writing was a fad? It was one of the ways we recorded memories and revisited them whenever we wanted to. It was also one of the trails which we had, to check how far we have come, as a person. My earliest memory of diary writing is when... Continue Reading →

Healthcare at Apollo

Quality health care is one of the biggest concerns that is plaguing India right now. For the level of population our country is at right now, the number of hospitals and doctors is dangerously low. Chennai, a city known for its medical tourism and organ transplants, has a lot of hospitals that provide quality healthcare... Continue Reading →

Let’s Go Frsh!

How difficult is it to get quality, fresh and piping hot food and affordable prices while on the move? Tough to imagine isn't it? No worries. We have Frshly to make things possible for us. Nested away beyond the city limits of Chennai, Frshly is a venture which is known for its unique concept of... Continue Reading →

Omnomnom in the neighbourhood

The OMR is one of the "happening" places in Chennai. Apart from being hustley and bustley during the weekdays, courtesy, the numerous organisations that have set their centres here, in those giant glass buildings, this place is equally vibrant even in the weekends. I must confess that I haven't really been out in this area... Continue Reading →

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