YOLO- Chennai Saga

I am back with the "slango" language and I am taking the liberty of using YOLO, which means You Only Live Once.  This is a pensive post, which in a way describes my life in Chennai since 2010. It is going to be a short narrative, which apparently has to be done. Also, I racked... Continue Reading →


We, The People of Chennai

This post is a memory. A very precious one, which would find place as a seperate chapter in my autobiography, if I ever write one that is. I realised "We" for the first time, when my beloved city was being pounded by rains, in November- December 2015. It was a daunting time for all of... Continue Reading →

Half-Way Mark- Update

It has been quite an experience blogging my way through the A to Z Challenge Thinking about topics, checking if the topic would be fine to be written about, the reception among the readers, the new friends, reading my fellow bloggers' posts etc have been amazing so far. It is making me a better person and... Continue Reading →

Fort and FDFS

The two terms in the title are not connected.  Fort here refers to the St. George's fort and FDFS refers to the tradition of 'First Day, First Show' in the realm of movies.   St. George's Fort This iconic structure can be claimed as the Father of Chennai.  Once upon a time, the English built... Continue Reading →

A Rude Wake-up Call

It has been six full months after the city of Chennai was ravaged by floods. Extensive loss of men and material resulted in rebirth of what people would call "humanity" and "brotherhood" and what-not. Media had a field day in replaying their stock shots repetitively that it seemed they were making up for their conspicious absence... Continue Reading →

Beyond words

Being left to live alone creates a big impact on one's own thoughts and values. The alone time gives the ambiance to revisit all those wonderful times one would have spent with her family. It teaches the value of a person in one's life and also brings our attention to all those small gestures that... Continue Reading →

Happy 25!!!!!

Love is not about meeting the right person. It is about being with that person till the very end. Have I been in love? May be. Have I seen people who are in love? A much more sure type of “May be”. Have I seen people who stay with that person because of love? Yes.... Continue Reading →

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