The Liberation

It was a normal day at work but for a few surprising phone calls that shook her insides. I miss you  His voice kept resonating in her mind. She was thinking as why he had called her after a while and after all this time. She had given him plenty of chances and even had... Continue Reading →


If only silence could speak

They had hit it off right away, right there. Their mutual love for music, filter coffee and subtle romance, sprinkled with right amounts of practicality and life lessons, they were one of a kind. Amidst awesome chemistry that was apparent to the crowd and to themselves, there was nothing going on between them. They found... Continue Reading →

Trippy Steps

She walked faster, for the rain drops were getting heavy. She had loads of work to get done with and was really not pleased with the mental state that she was in. Still, she had held her head high and got on with the day. It was just 22 hours back that she had put... Continue Reading →

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