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Jam Bazaar

This is a guest post by my close friend Raji

I was asked to do a post on J by Megha. I was a bit clueless. Ofcourse the first J word related to Chennai that came to my mind was Jaam Bajaar (Actually spelled as Zam Bazaar) Even a few of my friends suggested that word. It is something all Chennaiites and 90s kids would know I suppose. 

Of all the 20+ years I have spent in Chennai I have never set foot on the said bazaar. I even thought that such a place does not exist. So what is this Jaam Bazaar I am talking about? 

It is a song. A song that was sang in the beautiful Chennai tamizh. Something so iconic that even if we don’t know the movie or even most of the lyrics we will know these two lines easily.

A slang that Chennai is so known for. For people hailing from the south part of Tamilnadu, Chennai tamizh is this not so pleasant slang to hear. Even the normal conversation would sound abusive for them. But this is Chennai for you and me. This song and the female who appears in it is so iconic that her Chennai tamizh is just spot on. 
Just sharing one more video with her iconic chennai tamizh dialogue!