Mindless thoughts after a movie

Three love stories. Two had a 'happily ever after' ending. A fiery-filmy one, a slow and uncertain one and a mature one. It is confusing, isn't it? I was just speed-watching the movie Kandukondein Kandukondein and couldn't help but notice the contrasts in the storylines. I am not sure if the director meant the audience... Continue Reading →


20 years and counting

Today, the Harry Potter series completes 20 years of existence. In this 20 years, the series has seen it all. It has been celebrated, shunned, criticised and worshiped. All of it in a span of 20 years. For a lot of kids of the 90s era, Harry Potter would be an inevitable part of their... Continue Reading →

Thoughts from the Hull

A noon show of the movie Titanic pushed me to write this post. One particular scene in this movie always stumps me hard. The scene where Jack makes Rose promise that she will not die that night and not let go of her hopes of staying alive. He goes on to say that she must... Continue Reading →

Blue ticks and Screenshots

Of course you know what I am talking about! This is probably a major reason for the new-gen relationships going haywire. Forget Infidelity, forget lack of respect, forget everything else. The "last seen.." and the double blue ticks that adorn our WhatsApp conversation windows and those screenshots completely wreck our lives these days. I am... Continue Reading →

The Omnipresent One

Today is one of those “earmarked” days for music and here I am, trying to muster a few words up related to Music. Music has always been a part of our lives, in one form or the other. Some of us would have the vague memories of reluctantly sitting with a teacher to learn music,... Continue Reading →

Dear Child!

Dear Child, You may be wondering as to what this letter is doing in the envelope that you have got as a gift for your birthday. This is my gift to you, on a rather important day in your life. 16, is such a magical number. Happy birthday, my baby. You will always me my... Continue Reading →

WhatsApp Musings- Episode # 2

Ah! Long time without bitching about the woes that WhatsApp has brought to our lives. The time gap is merely to observe the happenings, guys, and not because there is any dearth in the amusement that the IM platform brings to me. So yes, the recent trend has been this- Circulating a slurry of messages... Continue Reading →

The Joys of Fatherhood

I know that the title is a little unconventional and out of the clichéd stuff that has been doing rounds, but fathers are way too underrated in our society. A society where a mother is praised and raised to the pedestal of God, fathers are comparatively shunned. (I said comparatively, now don’t go all Spartaaaaaa... Continue Reading →

Melancholic Buzz

On the smooth,straight road I walk, Oblivious to the sounds around Like a cloud that is untied, With my eyes fixed on the horizon. I think of things deep, Run through our talks Living in my own world Of love and only love Facing the world was made easy And so was living life I... Continue Reading →

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