Picture Prompt- Week#1- The Wait

Patience is power.
Patience is not an absence of action;
rather it is “timing”
it waits on the right time to act,
for the right principles
and in the right way.

-Fulton J. Sheen

Waiting with patience is underestimated.

Every phase of our life invariably involves the waiting game. It is probably the most excruciating feeling. I don’t know what will happen or when, but all I can do is to wait and sit back. Sit back and watch for the time and the opportunity to knock my door, to light my life up.

It happens even to the best of people. We give our best. Yet, results are tales that only time would tell. I run in the park everyday. That is how I channelise my thoughts to make my day lovely. They say a positive mind is a key to a positive life. I don’t believe in it. yet I do have some beliefs myself.

So as I run in the park, there comes a moment when I just want to give up. I stop short of breath and gather myself up and look for the nearest empty bench and drop myself on it, with exhaustion. I see a couple of others walking and running past me. They all look focused and hopeful. It is as if they are raring to go, to grab the chances that crowd their doors and windows. I look at them, trying to give each of them a background. A story of their lives. May be they are in a worse state of mind than I am. Or may be they are blissful about their lives. Each of them seem to have a story.

I watch in silence as they move past me. I realise I am waiting for my time to come. I am waiting for that one opportunity to walk past me, just like these people. A future waits for me, just like the rising Sun in the horizon. The day looks promising, and so is my spirit. It gradually lifts up as the distant sky is colored with hues of rich orange and golden streaks. I feel the warmth of a new day. It feels good. Waiting feels good. It is my time to sit back and observe, may be. It feels good.



‘Coz of our meddling!

This word immediately reminds me of Monica Geller and her hair(!), which of course due to the humidity was all springy and frizzy.


This is what I was talking about

There is a general social rule that one must not meddle in other people’s affairs. Now the word ‘affairs’ has multiple meanings and contexts attached to it. It could mean business, things, life, love life, extramarital relationships, infidelity secrets and so on and so forth.


Rarely do we keep up with this unwritten social rule. Any problem in relationships, we run to our friends, who in all probability would be that lone, single soul, who would not have had any first-hand experience being in a relationship. We also seek advice and tips from innumerable people around us in most of our choices. If it ends up well, then we are proud of having asked around for advice, otherwise, God forbid, it is just regret that remains.

In this episode, Phoebe and Mike manage to get back together for eternity, despite having all the mind-blocks, miscommunication and complications that one can only imagine. It was all due to the ‘meddling’ of Mr and Mrs.Bing in the events. Also what would remind the viewers about this episode would be her hair, which had given a super-tough competition to that of Albert Einstein.

I have always loved Monica Geller, though. A well-rounded figure, who isn’t ashamed to seek love and what one would call ‘the conventional’ life. A mother-hen, a control freak, a passionate chef and a loving wife. She seemed complete in a lot more aspects than others in the show.

Spanning over ten seasons with over 150 episodes, the show Friends has managed to carve a niche for itself. I do hear the frequent jibes that Seinfeld was a better show and how Friends was just a mellowed down, crass version of it, but Hey! Gimme some time until I watch Seinfeld and form an opinion of my own. Until then, do not meddle with my choice of TV shows.