Oh the Patriarchy! Bless my soul.

Today I happened to read an answer by a very popular guy on Quora. The question was this- "If separating a man from his parents is cruelty, what about when married women have to leave their parents after marriage? " The answer begins like this - "That’s the way Indian society is set up. Married... Continue Reading →


Open Letter to the Jon Snows

What a fortnight it has been. From clocking enviable hours at work, to being subject to the verbose torture of unidentifiable "Jon Snows" in the name of writing, I have seen them all. I must acknowledge, I am not really happy with it. This post is basically a rant. A rant in which I am... Continue Reading →

Faces seen on Quora

Rant Alert. I write this post as a rant that comes out from a seething me, have furious and half amused at the types of people I have come across on this beautiful platform called Quora. This post can very well be taken out of the realms of Quora and applied to other Social networking... Continue Reading →

Thinking times

This post is my answer to a question asked to me on Quora. 10 Things that I don't like about India as an Indian. It took me a while to frame the answer, but then I think I have summed it up well. I am an Indian. I am happy and proud to be one... Continue Reading →

Unity redefined :) #ChennaiRains

This piece below is an answer to a question asked to me and a bunch of other Chennai-wasis about the floods,the day the rains started lashing the coast. This is how it was as on December 2nd,2015. It is bad. You know how it feels when the place you have lived and loved all through... Continue Reading →

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