Gender Roles and Body Shaming

'Konjam odamba kora. Apo thaan kalyanathuku apram sari a irukum' (tone down a little only then it would be perfect after marriage) 'Let the menfolk eat first. Let's serve food for them' These are common sentences we get to hear in a typical Indian household. Be it a family gathering or just a couple of family... Continue Reading →

Tea Kadai Bench

Tea Kadai Bench indicates the benches put outside the tea shops in South India. In this part of the country, this is not just a mere aspect of timepass. It is much more than that. Tea kadai benches are the places were the menfolk in the rural areas catch up with the latest news and... Continue Reading →

Quarter Bottle

Good news or bad news, the one thing that remains a constant in the variable equation that is life, is the Quarter Bottle, a.k.a alcohol.   Tamilnadu has its alcohol market regulated in a weird way.  The liquor in the state is supplied by TASMAC, which is a state owned enterprise.  The bars and retail... Continue Reading →

Nirbhaya and Nightlife

Well, One of the most remarkable feature of Chennai as a city is that it is safer than many other metro cities.   With decent connectivity and helpful people, it is easy to survive in Chennai. When incidents of harassment and rapes were haunting the country's capital, Chennai stood strong with its record of claiming... Continue Reading →


Madras or Chennai, is incomplete without the famed "Margazhi" festival. Margazhi is a tamil month which falls roughly between the 15th of December and 14th of January. This month is famous for Fine arts, in Chennai. Numerous sabhas organise concerts and programmes classical dance and music. It is a month filled with music and dance all... Continue Reading →


Gilma is a slang word in Tamilnadu used to denote anything related to Sex.   Tamilnadu has many slangs of Tamil. From Chennai in the north to Tuticorin in the south, people identify themselves with the tone, the words and the accents that they speak.  Gilma is one such 'modern' word which intends to convey... Continue Reading →


Now, before I start, let me apologise to all puritans who say vegetable biryani isn't biryani at all.  It certainly is,  for pulao has totally different ingredients and method of cooking.  So deal with this, fellas.   Biryani is a dish, created and patented in the Heaven, where Gods supervised each and every particle of... Continue Reading →

The Travail of Travel in Chennai

Home-Office-Home This has been my schedule for the past six years in Chennai. Being an immigrant to the Southern Metro of Chennai, I was intimidated at first. Intimidated by the speed and the size of everything around me.  Rampant pollution, noise, a casual indifference among the people rushing to get to their workplaces and homes, various... Continue Reading →

Koko- A Pantomime

I was very eager to watch this pantomime, because the previous one I had attended was brilliant. I love satire and humour. I always give first preference to comedy than any other genre. So with this expectation, I stepped into Narada Gana Sabha on a Sunday evening. Koko was a pantomime that had the story... Continue Reading →

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