My World Revolves Around You!


Dear Sun,

It is really nice to see you write to me, after all these years. It stills feels the same, you know? In spite of we successfully making it to almost five billion years. People say we have a few more billions to clock.

Life has been the same for me since the day I set my eyes upon you. You, charming and attractive as always, with your gold toned complexion and fiery demeanor. Was it love at first sight? May be, I would never know. I have changed a lot since then. From a bulky landmass that I once was, I have worked hard to create and maintain the curves over which your rays feast on every morning. Oh the pleasure!


When the rays caress me, I glow

Letting seven billion children walk on me, regardless of how rude they are, defines my very nature. You could be rude in letting me know the fact that these kids take me for granted. I know that they do. I also know that they do it because I let them do that. But you needn’t be worried, for I have my own defense mechanism when things get over board. Just like how many, many mothers have. It is an essential weapon in our armour, which shall be used only when things go way out of hand. But for such rare instances, I am patient and tolerant of everything that comes my way. They are all my kids after all, and where else would they go? In fact, it might be this nature of mine that makes me valuable to them.

ஒறுத்தாரை யொன்றாக வையாரே வைப்பர்
பொறுத்தாரைப் பொன்போற் பொதிந்து.- 155 (Thirukkural)

In case you are wondering, my patience makes me valuable in the eyes of my children.

I have looked up to you always, for those priceless pearls of wisdom. Your appearance every morning reminds me of the duties that I am bound to do for the rest of my life, selflessly. Your absence by dusk, handing me over to the watchful eyes of the moon, who would take his duties for granted by choosing to come or bunk for the night, taught me to let go when the time is right. Maturity is what that taught me. Your fiery nature, which does not let anybody too close to you, showed me how important it is to guard myself from intimidators. Your occasional black spots reminded me of my own imperfections and how I must not get carried away by my own glory.

Having been a teacher and a mentor to me all these years, is it laudable on your part that you be misguided by the random words of two strangers? They could be my kids, but between us, they are still strangers. After all that we have been through together, is it possible at all for me to move away from you? Do you realize that the moment the distance between us increases, all the life in me would perish and I would become barren again, losing all my sheen and colour? Need I say more?

Afternoons are my favorite too. I love the way you are at your majestic best.  Giving space to each other has been our forte. I know you are at your best when you are left on your own. I trust you that you would come to me every morning. So I let you be. I derive my pleasure in watching you laze around, with all the glow. Did you know that even I look my best when you are at your best? Is this love? Or is it lust that I love it when you are on top. Do we really have to name this? I dare not.

Also, I love the way people cover up when you shine. It might be my way of saying that you are mine and nobody dare to welcome you to them with open arms. This, in a way makes me feel secure and content. I would definitely not want to see somebody else having the same pleasure as I do when your lovely rays caress me.

Your indignance makes me smile. You have deigned to accept that you shine for me and that my children are just accidental beneficiaries. Why would that affect you then? People behave in strange ways. Just like how Venus and I are not the same and just the way Jupiter and Mars cannot be compared, it does not make sense to compare east with the land in the west. It has taken me years to chisel my body this way and I know you love it.

People choosing to think about and highlight your faults is not your mistake. That is just how they are. You are much beyond all the pettiness that is spread over me. Think beyond all these trivialities and you will come to understand that life is much more. It is not about people. They come and go. In fact, they vanish in an instant, before you could even think of blinking once. That is their significance among us. Should we let these mortals come between us?

You seem to know the art of wooing my kids. A sly collaboration with the magnificent clouds is all it takes to make them swoon over you. Bam! There they come with their cameras and what-nots to capture the beauty that you are.  You seem to form the crux of some of the most romanticized aspects of lives. People take out time from their mundane lives to sit and watch you rise up above them or bid them a teary goodbye. Both these actions from you are accepted and appreciated.  You form an inevitable part of many deep conversations that have gone to make or break meaningful relationships. So you know your significance.

As one of your eight sweethearts, I have never wanted anything more than what I have right now from you. What we have right now is perfect for me. I do not seek matrimony nor do I seek monogamy. I understand your strengths as much as you do of mine. I am content with you being my loyal customer, for many more years to come. I know the deal of it all, about how mortal I am and how much immortal you are when compared to me. I do not want any bit of your immortality, and if given a chance, I would gladly bestow you will all that I have and sink into oblivion without a trace of remorse.


I do not need a proclamation from you either. I do not fancy what people may or may not think of us. I like the way you love me. It reeks of lust, but isn’t that an inevitable part of continuing life? I do not know about your escapades with Venus or Mars or Jupiter. I know they are all beautiful in their own pretty ways, but I am also sure that I have my own place in your life and nobody can replace the visual treat that I offer to you.

Love is not about the fancy declarations or the metal confinements that come in the forms of rings or chains. It is about completing the other part and feeling comfortable in the presence of another totally different person. You might see that we are so different that people might find it difficult to accept us. But, isn’t that the beauty of it all?

You complete me like nobody does. You break me apart unlike anybody else. It is all in the game which we play.

If you are happy being my mistress for life, I shall be equally happy to be your customer, a loyal one at that.

Always with a “world” of Love


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To You, From Your Girl

Heya Honeybunch!


I love you.

You might be wondering why I am telling this to you right now. Let me tell you why. It is because I do love you and will always do. It might be a month or two since we ended things but that impact is still fresh and alive in me. I can’t still believe that it is over but hey! love never ends. So I have decided to confess everything that I had felt for you, including what I may have  told and things that I may have not told you explicitly.

We found each other when Chennai was reeling under floods and hit it off in a matter of days. I never knew then that this would mean so much to me. Never did I think that we would come so far and then become strangers again. It all happened like a hurricane. Quick and devastatingly fast.

You were everything that I had ever dreamt of in a guy. Smart, funny, handsome, sarcastic, caring, everything and I know I was like that for you too. I saw you getting more and more comfortable with me, shedding your inhibitions ,opening your heart and baring your soul to me. I loved you with all I had then.

You took me to dinners and dates and made me feel all special and pampered. It was all strange for me,yet I enjoyed those moments completely. You stood by me when I was having a tough time in my career and pumped my hopes up when I was on the verge of giving up everything. You made me stay when all I wanted to do was leave and let everything go. I love you for that honey!

I remember every small detail that we had spoken over those midnight-untimely phone-calls. Everything from the economic recession to the name of our dog, all of it was out in the open. I admired you each moment we were together. Oh Yes! I altered my lifestyle for the better to make myself ready to be your companion of sorts. Heck, I even ended up googling about food and other cultural traits that were prominent in the region where you came from. I loved you so much!

I started seeing my future with you, albeit with a lot of hesitation. I had a colorful past of which you were never bothered. “Present is all that matters” ,you had said. I took it as a sign and went on dreaming our life, without even noticing how “my” had suddenly transformed to the most beautiful word,”our”. I loved “us”!

All of a sudden my world came crashing down to earth over a cuppa coffee. Oh! You remembered that I was fond of coffee, even though you knew that this time it was going to be the symbol of misery for me at that point. I never asked you the reason behind that. I will never want to know. I will not want to shatter those images of “us” that I had together drawn. Yes, I still loved “us”!

Now, it has been quite a while since that day and I still love my coffee. I do see you being happy in your own world and space and am proud of the way you have carried yourself all through this. I still believe that you were in love with me, just the way I was with you. I still am the same crazy-obnoxious girl, who is much fitter and probably much mature than who I was when we had met. You have given me reasons to practise the art of acceptance in life and not get scared to love anybody. I love you!

Don’t you want to ask me if I have moved on?

Well, May be. But you will always be that one person whom I would love to love and love to give second,third or innumerable shots at. Love is so much abstract. It comes with no reason. I saw that in “us” and I still am seeing that. You gave me hope and inspired me to be a better version of myself. I love you!

Baby, listen. I love you with my entire soul and would have been insanely happy if we had gotten together and grown old.I do understand that how much ever we try, certain things that are not meant to be, will never happen,ever. But, sweetheart, I do love you and I hope you know that.

Your Ever Loving,


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