Kabali and Kaapi

Two topics that are very close to my heart. Kabali refers to Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore, Chennai and Kaapi is, of course, our own filter coffee.  

Mylai Kapaleeswarar temple is a temple build for Lord Shiva.  Legend says that this temple is equivalent to Mount Kailash among many other interesting stories.  

Located in Mylapore, the temple is a landmark of the city.  This is one of my favorite temples, mainly due to the ventilation inside the complex and the peace one gets to feel when inside the complex.  
There is always some program or concert happening inside the temple premises and trust me you could find many celebrities walk around here.  The Arubathumoovar is the main festival of the temple, which is all about the 63 nayanmars who sang in praise of Lord Shiva.  It is during this festival that one can aptly take a food walk in the streets around the temple.  It’s worth the effort taken to navigate the crowd.  

This festival happens between 15th of March and 15th of April every year.  

Also, the Puliodharai (tamarind rice) available inside the temple is extremely tasty and a ‘must’ in the bucket list of every foodie.  

What is a trip down south, without a cup of Kaapi?? 

Kaapi or Filter coffee is the famous brew of coffee prominent in the Southern part of the peninsula.  If brewed in the right way, this coffee has the perfect blend of heat, taste, colour, consistency and aroma.  

From my personal experience, I would say that there is a particular way by which the coffee must be brewed to get that cup of perfection.  There is also a lot of detail that goes into the powder that we use to make that perfect cuppa.  

I can go on and on when it comes to coffee, but I should stop right here because my cuppa Kaapi is waiting for me in my kitchen.  
So two things that must not be missed when on a trip to South India- Kabali and Kaapi.  

Kapaleeswarar temple is accessible from all major transit points in the City- The airport, railway station and the bus terminus.  Just ask around or drop in a text, I would be happy to guide you.  Bonus points would be restaurants suggestions in and around Mylapore.  

This post is a part of the A to Z challenge