The Quest of the Pochemuchka

The story continues from here.

Priya walked alongside Gop, lead by Vas. She was led to a huge area decorated with sparkling drapes and fragrant flowers. It seemed to her as if it was the courtroom of someone royal, just like she had read in those fairy tales, growing up.

She looked around with wide eyes and her mouth slightly open out of amazement. She couldn’t believe the luxury and the grandeur that the place held. Lost in her own thoughts, she noticed that Gop had walked a few steps ahead. She rushed to catch up with him, filled with an unending curiosity. She wanted answers. She was impatient. She wanted them at that very instant.

After what seemed like an eternity of walking, she found them slowing down. She perked up a little to catch glimpse of what was in front of her, for there were a sea of people. She started getting alarmed but still held herself up with poise and walked on. Cutting through the crowd, she found herself in front of a throne. A throne made of crystal. She gaped at it like a child facing something magnificent. The empty throne had on it, a crown. “What an  exquisite piece of work”, she thought.


She looked at Vas, eyeing her to explain what was going on. Vas, with her radiant smile, started talking.

The throne and the crown belongs to you, Priya.”

Priya stared at Vas with disbelief. She wanted to know more. “Go on…” ,she said.

Vas continued.

“Centuries ago, we also lived on the Earth, where you now live. Remember when Gop and I said that Men looked after Trade? Yes, we coexisted peacefully along with you all. Our lives were filled with abundance, prosperity and contentment. Nothing could bring despair to us. No force could stop us from being the way we were. “

Priya noticed the wistful and dreamy gaze of Vas, that focused somewhere far out at the horizon. She got a waft of what might have happened. She didn’t want to know that, for she knew it would make her feel miserable. She wanted to stop Vas right there, but in vain.

Vas continued the story…

I would like to ask Sahithya to continue the story 🙂 Check out her creations here.

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